Minimum process to swear in a Gifted Hedge Wizards

What would be the minimum process to swear in a new Gifted Hedge Wizard to the Order?

I have read the section on the Lineage of Pralix, but suppose no pralician is at hand. Or that the Hedge Wizard just wants to forge the alliance, learn the Parma, and get back to her work ASAP.

  1. Is the Oath always sworn in Latin? Do they have to learn Latin? Can the Oath be sworn in Vulgar?
  2. Do they have to learn Hermes Lore or Code of Hermes?
  3. Is there a minimum time of training?

Since there is no minimum OoH Lore for apprentices, it would be unfair to ask it of hedgies. I would be tempted to say that they have to take the oath in latin and in whatever vernacular they speak of they do not speak latin.


Given that the Theban Tribunal use ancient Greek as their casting language I suspect it is at last Tribunal depended in what language the oath is sworn.


I seem to recall there was a very early Tribunal ruling that Tribunal business be dealt in Latin only. I think a Bjornaer mage who had poor Latin asked the Tribunal to speak in the local language. Don't know if this applies Order-wide.
Swearing an apprentice as a new mage in is often performed at Tribunal meetings as part of business. However, the important bit is to understand the Oath, as you will be held to it, and make no mistakes when swearing to it.

Since there are a few Hermetic Magi who look down upon "Hedge Wizards", learning Hermes Lore and Code of Hermes after taking the Oath might help avoid some bullying.

There is several Peripheral Code rulings stating how much Apprentices must be trained. I think how much training the Hedgie gets is up to his sponsor.

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-When it comes to the language of the Oath I would agree with Adauli and wager that the Oath need not necessarily be sworn in Latin.

If you are in a Tribunal that uses primarily Latin and you need to swear the oath before a Quasitor or Tribunal, then yes. If you are in Thebes then you have more of a reason to learn Classical Greek instead, and given the legacy of the Theban League, Hedge Wizards of Thebes would be more likely to know it anyway.

Lastly, I'm not sure if this is still the case in 5th Edition, but in previous editions, the official language of Loch Leglean was stated to be Gaelic. Murion the die-hard traditionalist, brought this up at Grand Tribunal, where it was decided Loch Leglean could not be forced to conform and use Latin.
So, it depends on the Tribunal, but knowing the relevant language would be useful either way.

-Hedge Wizards can become easy victims of bullying/abuse in the Order, especially if they choose to keep their Hedge magic. Knowing the Code of Hermes, if not the Lore, would be very useful.

-HoH:S (p. 127) addresses the whole process of integrating Hedge Wizards into the Order. Typically a Pralician is called in to handle the Wizard's pseudo-apprenticeship of sorts, which usually lasts around 5 years.


On the Discord channel, I believe they dicsussed this a while ago, and someone brought up that there's a place where it says that the Hedge Wizard needs to take a 3=year or some such time, to study Latin, and maybe something else as a mini-Apprenticeship. But I can't seem to find the relevant bit.

I believe the absolute minimum is for a member of the Order to issue a formal invitation to join, followed by the invited person swearing the Oath in front of a witness.

Most commonly some time is spent teaching the invitee the Parma Magica, and some of the Code of Hermes, and the Oath is preferrably sworn in front of a Quaesitor or other respected representative of the Order.

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While the short apprenticeship process is described in the Pralician section I don’t think it requires a pralician but it usually is one who does that as it’s their purpose within the house. As there is already a canon tradition within the House that is quite similar to folk witches, the Scinnfolk (and now that folk witches are defined I would probably say they should be built as one but with their Control Fertility ability instead of one of the other folk witch abilities), I could very easily see one of that tradition sponsoring them and doing the training. As the apprenticeship period is primarily to make sure the applicant is not just going to run off and release the Parma into the wild I don’t see it being much less than the stated 5 years but gauntleting an apprentice is really up to the Parens and they could “test” them whenever.