Minor and major magical foci

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I was wondering some things about foci.

A focus need to be less than an Art.

But, in game terms, can the minor AND the major foci cover partially arts?


  • minor magical focus "wounds and death" : its designed to be used for corpus basically. Logically, it covers animal also. My SG stated that a minor focus cannot cover also the healings (and, snif snif, i agreed with him).
    Would you do it covering the destruction of bodies, or not?

  • minor magical focus: "stealth" : it was designed by myself (betaSG ^^) to cover some PeIm or ReIm. Do you have any idea of another area which can be covered?

  • minor magical focus, in GoTF: "dispelling" (for a Flambeau Archmage whom i forget the name) - it seems to be used for PeVi killing the might. Any idea for others areas of covering?

  • minor magical focus: "human perfection": used for CrCo rituals who upgrade characteristics.

  • major magical focus: "fire" : i use it with all Ig spells but fire spells, not light spells. Right?

I was also wondering what is the point about 2 foci:
1- its not possible to have 2 different foci using the same Art(say, a major in fire, a minor in light)
2- its not possible to have 2 different foci using different Arts (let's say a major in fire, a minor in dispelling)
3- its not possible to use 2 foci on one spell (say a minor focus in fireball and a major focus in damage)
4- other?

Thanks for help and advices!

Less than the equivalent of one Art.

Absolutely. It can be hard to keep a Minor Focus smaller than the equivalent of one Te-Fo combo, but I can see it, and there are examples in the book - Healing is Corpus, Animal, and Herbem, no problem.

Another example - "fruit " - all 5 Techniques, plus (one might well accept) some Imagonem. For wards against insects (only usable on fruit), Animal. Possibly some similar Corpus, and even some Mentem (so long as the thoughts dealt only with fruit.) Ignem for cooking fruit, Vi for detecting magical fruit - only.

Many of these would probably be spontaneous effects rather than formulaic spells, but that a major part of a Focus.

For me (and others may well disagree), a Focus requires a tight definition. Anything vague, like "strength" or "defense", I am immediately suspicious of. So, imo, destroying a body is not the same as wounding it.

MuCo that improves Dex or Qik, but only with regards to the Stealth ability.

I'd be very leery about anything that "aided" Stealth or created a favorable environment for Stealth but was not actually directly related to Stealth, like shadows or distractions, or that was clearly more than just Stealth, like changing into a cat.

I don't see that destroying MM is dispelling.

I'd never accept this, too vague.

(You have to ask?) Yes, right. And no heat unless its from a fire. No cold. Just fire, that orange stuff.

If the player wants more than just flame, if they want fire heat and fire light as well, then redefine the focus to fit either a Minor Focus (= Te+Fo size, no bigger) or Major, or find a sympathetic SG/Troupe.

Let's make it simple for you - by the Rules, it is not possible to have 2 foci. Period. Ever. End of statement.

One focus/character, max. It's the last paragraph in the description of both Major and Minor Focus.

Okay, but like this is in an official book i havent a clue of whatelse is in the focus.
But I'm sure that is in (because of the casting total calculated, which don't match without applying the focus on the Flambeau Archmage's Arts). But for now, i havent GoTF with me... here at work.