Minor Mystery Cults errata

Greetings all. A friendly neighbourhood norwegian delurking.

Just thought I'd contribute a few errata I've noticed while translating form and material bonuses into norwegian.

Mystery Cults, p. 137:

Hickory - according to my sources there are a few species, but they are only native to America and East China... so at best very hard to get hold of in Mythic Europe. Nowadays it is grown for timber in central Europe, though.

Alexandrite - anachronistic, as this precious stone was only discovered in 1834, and named after Tsar Alexander II. It could of course be discovered in your saga, in an emerald mine in the Urals, and named after the discoverer or his liege.

Hatchet - +4 destroy wood - wouldn't this fit better as "felling axe" or similar? Hatchets seem too small and puny.

Minor quibbles, of course. Overall a very fun book!