miracles and divine healing

So, I'm quite new to AM and might be getting something terribly wrong, but it seems almost impossible to actually succeed at healing someone by calling for a Miracle with the True Faith.

True Faith Score + Concentration + Aura + Stress Die

Healing an incapacitating wound is a lvl 50 check. How can someone with a True Faith of 1 or 2 (or even 10!) ever succeed at healing someone? And isn't healing one of the most common of miracles? Clue me in here.

While I don't have the book(s) with me to verify the formula, I can certainly say these:

  1. You are asking for a Miracle. They should be very rare, as they are known as Miracles and not Usuals. Thus, you should not game the dice in order to heal someone whenever you wish.
  2. If God wants to heal a character, he will.
  3. Assuming your formula is correct:

1 + 3 + 5 + stress die = 9 + a stress die. Looks like you have to open end twice or thrice to get your Miracle, but as I said, they are Miracles-- not a way to just heal someone whenever you need to.

More importantly, True Faith gives you Magic Resistance, which, if you are a mundane, will save you butt many times.

Sure, but a 1 in 1,000 chance isn't very fun for a player. Sometimes game enjoyment has to come first :wink:

On the other hand, you can fairly easily cajole a Saint into reviving the dead or healing a throng of people of all their injuries. :stuck_out_tongue:

God decides what he wishes.

Also, find a sacred site. Lourdes, for example. Must have a pretty high dominion aura, plus if it's a group of you praying for a miracle, the SG should be giving some kind of bonus to the roll.

A few comments:
The Timeliness and Need modifiers are quite useful, as are Tempered Auras.
It seems odd to me that an incorporeal and omnisentient God would be affected by RDT modifiers, I recommend using the Base Guidelines only when adjucating the level of any Miracles.
According to "Storyguiding Miracles" (pg 61) the SG and player(s) should negotiate an effect level for a Miracle rather than adhere to any particular set of guidelines. Indeed the Intervention effect in the exempla gratia on the same page bears no relation to anything in the guidelines for the Intervention power....
Players interested in Healing a comrade's injuries would be much better served by Petitioning a Saint (pg 87) to use the Faithful Made Whole or Mass Healing powers on his/her behalf. Miracles being, almost by definition, much rarer and less dependable sources of Divine Power.

Anyway, I hope this is helps you better include the wonders of the Dominion in your Saga...

It is difficult by design to roll for a powerful miracle, for game balance. A person with True Faith has lots of alternatives, though:

  • Temper the divine aura to give a bonus to healing rolls
  • Spend True Faith point(s) on your Chirurgy roll
  • Pray for a saint or other divine being to intercede
  • Learn to work miracles yourself with a holy Method and Power

I played a character in a saga who had holy Methods and Powers, and when in desperate need I once had him pray for the Divine to miraculously boost his casting total directly, essentially helping him to help others.

If I recall correctly, the guidelines for miracles are optional. You should feel free to modify them to be more dramatic. As the introduction says, God wants what is best for your saga.


What a nice god.