Missing Text In Several Feng Shui Products

I noticed some text is missing from a few Feng Shui products, that is in older printings.

1.) Sun Chen, who is described in the Ronin Publishing Edition of Blood of the Valiant is missing in the Atlas Edition. His information is on pgs. 71-72 of the Ronin Edition.
A reference to him being in Blood of the Valiant is found on page 89 of Glimpse of the Abyss, too.

2.) The stat block for the Pocket Demon in Thorns of the Lotus is missing in the Atlas Edition. It is on pg. 84 of the Daedalus edition.

3.)The story that is found running in the main Feng Shui rule book is missing the entry for February 25. The February 25 entry is in the old Daedalus edition.

Any chance we can get this missing info posted on the Atlas site as errata or something along those lines for the appropriate products?

If you can send me the missing text, I'll post it to the Feng Shui errata page. (Since you have the books on hand, and I'd have to go digging through archives ... plus, Feng Shui stat blocks are typically very short, so not much of a re-typing project.) My email is michelle@atlas-games.com . Thanks!

I just emailed the text to you.

Thanks! I'll get that up as soon as I can.