Mixed forms

I am trying to figure out a spell that would let someone take on an animal headed human form (such as Sekhmet, Bast or Anubis of egyptian legend).

I am thinking it would be something along the lines of

Form of Anubis (MuCo 10)
R: Per, D: Sun, T: Part
Requisite Animal
The caster's head takes on the appearance of a Jackal.
(Base 3, +2 sun, +1 part)

I am just wondering if base 3 is correct like disguise of new visage or base 10 like Shape of the woodland prowler would be more appropriate.

Corrected to show Muto rather than creo (typo). Question is base.

If you want to change the human form into one that includes animal parts then I think you need a MuCo (An) spell.

Remember, as a rule of thumb Creo takes something closer to its ideal state (including calling something that doesn't yet exist into existence). Muto effects unnatural change upon something.

Yup MuCo(An) would fit better. Unless you consioder anubis a more perfect form of a human being :stuck_out_tongue: Make sure no priest is near when you discuss the implications of your theory :laughing:

I corrected the arts to show MuCo (An requisite was already listed). Neither of you addressed the question of the base and level for the spell though.

I do not have much experience with MuCo, so being away from my books I cannot recall what the guidelines for a level 3 spell are.


To Become yourself like a hybrid form would be MuCo (An) Range Part, but I give a Level 4 or Five for have natural atacks betters.
But if do you want have wings? Could be Cr(Mu)Co(An) for add wings and not transform your arms in wings? This is a question that I've haven for many time...

Personally I'd say this would be quite a high level spell.

I think changing into a land beast is MuCo (An) 10 and would still use the Per/Sun/Part +3 Magnitudes I think the requisite is free.

Lvl 25 for a spell to take on a beasts head.