mixing merinita mystery with fertility magic

If a Merinita magus learns fertility magic, can they use the bloodline target to make the virtues hereditary? If so, can they make changes each generation and make it cumulative?

I'm sure there's an example given of someone using Bloodline magic together with a CrCo ritual to give a statistic boost to an entire bloodline...but with an until duration, so as long as none of them get baptised the bloodline charm remains. So theoretically you should be able to boost an entire bloodline.

As for adding each generation - I would think it would be more like a longevity ritual, in that only the most powerful takes effect, so if your lab total improves you could improve the effect later.

I would think that would have a few problems:

  1. It's designed for a specific mother as a lab activity, like a longevity ritual. It's not a spell to use T: Bloodline.
  2. Even if it were such a spell, that wouldn't make it hereditary, just a spell acting on others.
  3. If you pulled this off, you'd still have to end up dealing with lots of different individuals with the same fertility rite. Your whole family would kill each other probably.

You could, however, essentially make it somewhat hereditary with fertility magic alone. Use it to grant fertility to your children. Then they can do the same for their children. Etc. I don't know how possible this is without the Gift, in which case you'd have to give them each both the Gift and fertility magic. That can be done, too.

As for CrCo (and CrMe) rituals. You could design a CrCo boosting ritual with T: Bloodline just like the other ones. It will be a higher-level ritual. But you'll get a lot of efficiency out of the vis since you and all your currently living descendents will get the boost. It doesn't do anything for heredity as far as I know, but it's a powerful use of T: Bloodline if you have a huge and connected family.

Passing along fertility magic, the gift etc I was planning on doing, but I was also thinking about breeding horses... If you could use target bloodline and build generation to generation... obviously this would be CrAn instead of CrCo...

Callen has explained the big problems with bloodline rituals. And Darkwing's "Until" doesn't work because the caster may pass into Twilight or the original target may die.

To be honest, the way to do this is to teach the Gifted child to make Fertility Rituals.

this only works when you are making gifted children. If I am creating a line of better horses, I might want the traits to breed true. Which might just be another breakthrough, but using the bloodline target seemed like an appropriate method to me...

Making a line of better horses requires attention to each generation you're working with. Fire-and-forget effects that permanently mark entire bloodlines are beyond the scope of Hermetic magic, even with the Merinitia Mystery.

Simply put, T: Bloodline doesn't work the way you want it to. It affects all those of the bloodline currently in existence. If another is conceived and born before the spell ends, the new baby is not under the effect.

However, you really don't need anything other than Fertility Magic. Talk to your SG. Figure out not only the cost of the Virtues you want to be hereditary but also of the new Virtue you want that makes the other Virtues and itself hereditary. If this new Virtue is approved and a cost set, then you're good to go. Of course, you may need to redevelop Fertility Magic to work on animals, but that's a separate issue.

Not sure I agree, source?

Nothing oin fertility magic indicates it has to be for use on humans only. Of course using vis to generate one naturally born animal is being wastefull, so without a hereditary benefit nobody would use it on animals (aside from maybe making a fetus a target of a spell for reduced cost)

upon consideration, it would seem to me this is the equivalent of something like strong faerie blood or mythic blood- essentially a major virtue which has a chance to degrade in future generations but while it lasts can carry the enhancements.
I'm thinking each generation is as follows:
1 parent strong bloodline- 50% chance per child of strong bloodline, 50% chance just bloodline (like faerie blood vs. strong faerie blood)
2 parents strong bloodline - child has strong bloodline
1 parent bloodline - 50% chance of bloodline, 50% regular animal
2 parents bloodline - 25% chance child has strong bloodline, 25% chance child is regular animal, 50% chance of bloodline
1 parent strong bloodline, 1 parent bloodline - 50% chance strong bloodline, 50% chance bloodline

How so? Seems pretty clear to me that it would be:

My bad. I guess it being from a Mystery is why it disagrees with other statements about Hermetic magic targeting such things (Fertility Magic and I think HoH:MC Bjornaer section).

However, after reading the p.93 quote, I believe this is still true:

because the ritual has ended. It is not an eternally ongoing effect. So anything born after its relatively short duration won't be affected. Right?

The answer is to find time for a Hermetic Breakthrough to get the Perpetual Duration from the Soqotrans.

Agreed. As I read it, if the spell is, say, D: Sun, T: Bloodline, it would affect anyone born during that day (or night), but then that would be the end of it.

How about duration Circle?

That would keep it going. Still, there are the earlier mentioned problems of how you change it from a laboratory activity into a spell that can be cast using T: Bloodline. This would also result in a lot of Warping over the years. For any one individual it might not be so bad since animals don't live so long, but something might show up through breeding the Warped animals.

Or duration: Until

and I agree on the warping.

Though depending on how the warping goes, that could turn out to be a cheap source of vis...
if they gain 1 warping point a year then following the standard advancement they will have monsterous form (and one pawn of muto vis) after 15 years. I can suddenly see horse breeding (natural lifespan of 25-30 yrs and a mare can produce a foal about once a year for most of that time... certainly from age 1 to 15...