Mobed initiations

TCatC tells us that mobeds can self-initiate if they have the appropriate script (p,100). Does that include UnGifted mobeds? Also, the Initiation for Mythic Alchemy on the same page has no Ordeal. Should we assume that Mobeds just do not follow the Initiation rules in HMRE and can Initiate any Virtues tied to their tradition as if they were Gifted (no need of a mystagogue or Ordeal)?

I suggest you reread TC & TC 101 there it say you get the Offensive to Animal Flaw when initiating into Dream Interpretation

My bad; the page was right, the Virtue was wrong -- I meant Mythic Alchemy.

+3 Quest: light ceremonial fire,
+1 Sacrifice of wealth,
+1 time

not every initiation give you an flaw. The main factor here is imho to be allowed to light the fire what just 1 person can do.

The issue is this:

  • TCatC says that Mobeds can Initiate the Ungifted (though some of their Mysteries are accessible only to characters with True Faith or Holy Powers) following the HMRE rules.
  • TCatC adds that Mobeds can self-initiate if they have the right script.
  • HMRE says that if you are Ungifted, you cannot self-initiate and you must suffer an Ordeal in every Initiation.
  • At least one Mobed Initiation script lacks an Ordeal.
    So ... ?
    Should we assume that Mobeds follow different rules from HMRE, or that the script on p.100 and self-initiation should be limited to the rare Gifted Mobed?

So we can assume, that this script - initiating Mythic Alchemy - is not the only one used for this purpose by Mobeds.
Since Mythic Alchemy (from Videvdat) is important among unGifted practitioners, there should be another script - following HMRE - used to initiate it to the Ungifted. Right?

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I would take it that the script, lacking an ordeal, is for Gifted Mobeds and the unGifted use a different script.