Modification in magical enchatments and lab bonus.

Can you make a temporary enchanted (lesser or invested) object usin a Lab Text for an enchantment that don´t have this? Or is this a sufficcient different object that need exactly a different text?
And I have "Magi of Hermes", and i have a doubt.... the similar effect lab bonus is ussed to in lesser enchantments effects since you have created other similar effect/object in the case of Tlides, he used the bonus for a similar enchantment to other, it is explained. That means that any similar effect bonus is aplied to other similar procces but not the exatly? Like enchant a Familar first to become human in the Bond, and after make the opposed effect to become you to the same animal class?

I'm sorry - don't have what? What does "this" refer to?

And what do you mean by a "temporary" enchanted object?

The rules for gaining Similar Spell bonuses are on page 101, and they do not mention enchanted "similar items", nor even "similar effects" - only "spells". So having created one item does not give you a bonus for creating a "similar" item. The mage doesn't "know" that item the way they know a spell, and the Lab Text only helps with re-creating that exact item.

But these rules do use the phrase "...similar to the effect he is creating" - and an "effect" is broader than a "spell". So I believe that knowing a Formulaic Spell could aid in Enchanting an Item if the Effect falls under "similar spell" guidelines regarding a Formulaic Spell known by the creator.

OK, but in the case of Tolides use the bouns betwen the encahntmen of two objetcs, no one spell and one object. I don't have the book right now, but i remember it.

Are you talking about the Expiry parameter?

If so, my understanding is that, RAW, it can only be applied to Invested Items. In any case, I feel that adding Expiry is too great a change to the enchantment for a Lab Text to still be valid.

Ok thanks.
But i think that is very suitable for lesser too. If is possible that don't say any thing against...

I hope that's not a "similar spell" bonus, but is a "lab text" bonus. Enchantments don't get similar spell bonus the way the rules read.

I am going to repeat the texts from the book, pags 134 - 135.

Here are the two items...

You are correct - that's what it says. But that's not how the rules read.

Similar Spells (p 101) very clearly refers only to spells and knowing spells - not to enchantments or items, which are not spells (and you cannot "know" an enchantment).

(And a Lab Text bonus can only be used for an identical effect, "no features... may be changed" - that is explicitly stated (p 102).

A SG or Troupe (or editor?) can expand that if they wish, but it's not how the rules read. Don't know what else to say. :confused:

Yeap, i feel the same.


I can add something. :slight_smile:

Each new effect added to an Invested item gains a lab bonus for previous effects sharing a Technique or Form. Spells and enchantments are different. (When learning a new spell, a magus gets a bonus for knowing a similar spell but not for knowing other spells with the same Form or Technique.)



Ah - they might have confused that bonus, true. But the description refers to two different items, so it's still not btr.

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