Money quest: the Barbary coast (Autumn 1235)

As Pere and Lucas begin making their preparation for departure they find there is no shortage of merchants, especially in Mallorca, who are willing to give them consignment packages- small amounts of mid priced goods to test out markets. apparently with the recent warfare a number of normal trade route have been disrupted, and there are stories that piracy is getting worse in the region. Several of the merchants refer to the pair as "friends of Roberto", which appears to sooth anxieties about giving such consignments to the pair.

As the pair are putting together the trade cargo, Yanni walks down to Pere. "Exceuse me, Mr Pere, sir. I was wondering if I could come with you. I have all the bread baked for the rest of the year, I even found a better supplier for the yeast, next years bread will be even better, but I know thye grow better wheat in Egypt, and I was hoping you might take me with you because... well I really want to go.

A couple OOC questions before I get to Pere's response. First, is Yanni posted on the wiki somewhere or is the version in the Grog Development thread the final one? Second, has anyone heard from Trogdor lately? I know I haven't been around much, but I didn't see anything from him when I was catching up.

Pere finishes directing servants and eventually turns to Yanni. Looking a little surprised, he gives the youngster a once-over before replying. You're the.....chef? Baker? Something like that? He leans toward Yanni and sniffs. Ah yes, definitely a cook of some kind. And you're wanting to go with us? Something about wheat. Run it by me again?

((OOC: the version of Yanni I found says he has Incomprehensible, so I'm assuming Pere's not catching everything he says))

((Incomprehensible only applies to Teaching and writing books to study from. Not everyday communication. You are adding things the RAW does not say to do.))

My bad. I must have been conflating it with Afflicted Tongue or something. Let's just say Pere was distracted when Yanni approached.

"Yes, I'm a baker, I want to find a better supplier of wheat for my bread."

(fightmaster, do you mind if Selim tags along on your adventure?)

Not at all. I'm a little concerned Lucas won't be putting in an appearance anyway.

Pere stares a moment, a little nonplussed by this.'re wanting to set up a trade arrangement? For wheat? That shouldn't be difficult. Or do you want to actually buy...barrels? Does wheat come in barrels? Urns maybe? Just sacks? Anyway, barrels of wheat and transport them back here? A bit of a bulky cargo, isn't it? I'm not sure the captain would be happy with the return on the weight. Or do you just want one barrel? Or sack? Is this some kind of specialty acquisition? Secret ingredient, that sort of thing?

Yanni blinks. "I need wheat. For the bread. Better wheat. It grows in Egypt. It's usually in sacks, sometimes barrels. How does weight return?"

Selim slaps a hand on Yanni's back and gives him a big smile, "I think what my friend here is saying is that the boat can only carry so many things, and the weight of the wheat, relative to it's worth, may not be the most cost effective thing for us to be purchasing. Perhaps though, if it is only a small amount, just enough for the covenant, then maybe it would be okay?" He glances questioningly to Pere.

Oh, yes. Of course. My apologies, lad, you caught me a bit flat-footed. I buy wheat as a bulk commodity, not on a small scale. He taps his lips and considers. We are putting in at Alexandria, so you might find some of this special wheat of yours. Have you been to Egypt? Traveled by ship? The captain expects everyone to pay or earn their way. Can you provide us with decent meals? If not, any useful skills the captain can utilize? Tying knots, pulling sails, stabbing pirates, that sort of thing? He lays a heavy hand on Yanni's shoulder. Believe me, son - you do not want to settle for cabin boy.


"I have been on ships before. I cook. I have been to Alexandria, but not for long. My uncle said it was dangerous."

Pere gives a laugh at that. Oh, it's not bad. Certainly no worse than Rome and nowhere near as treacherous at Carthage. Though some of that may have been my fault........regardless, I'm pleased to hear you can share your culinary skills on ship. Selim, would you be so kind as to take a turn through the local market with young Yanni here and help him find whatever he might need? And spare no expense! It's not often we'll have a chance to eat like civilized men on a sea voyage.

That settled, Pere turns back to the loading. Careful with that! What? Of course it goes in my cabin. Where else would I want it? Ah, Teodor, there you are. Is everything arranged? Good, good, I'll trust to your discretion....

A quick trip through the market with Yanni provides an interesting and dizzying array of foods for the trip. By the time they are finished all the various consignment cargos are aboard as well as whatever the pair of intrepid adventurer's have decided to speculate on if anything, and the ship is ready to sail.

The ship is but two days out of port when another vessel, what appears to be a lightly armed merchant vessel, requests to come alongside.