Monster Guide?

Is there collected source of 5th Ed mythic beasties anywhere? If I wanted to use skeletal warriors for example, or had a mind to have a fight with a lion or unicorn is there a website which gives 5th Ed stats for them anywhere?



There is a free book of mundane beasts.
So you can get stats for a horse, a lion and Edward's wolfhound.
Dunno where you'd get advice for costing powers in terms of might - the main book gives example creatures but does not say how they were made.

That's something that's fairly lacking in the product line. You're more or less expected to get all DIY in that regard, which make some sense, seeing as you would know better what your group can handle.

HoH:MC presents a system for creating mundane beasts (and has some examples, all of which are in the mundane beasts file that noliar linked to above). The various RoP books (particularly Magic and Faerie) present systems for creating supernatural beasts and whatnot, including some pre-generated examples.

The system in RoP: Magic is actually pretty good, once you wrap your head around it.