Mook Vehicles: Driving skill?

I was running a chase last night and realized I didn't quite know how to handle mook drivers. I've done it before but now I can't recall exactly how I did it.

I found the rule that a mook vehicle is taken out when you roll a Driving check with an Outcome of 5+.

What about when the mooks make their Driving checks to try to catch the heroes? I was running a chase with one SUV pursuing the heroes with a named foe in it, and I'd given him a Driving skill of 13. Also chasing the heroes were a bunch of mooks in compact cars.

I realized I wasn't sure if I should just give the mooks a Driving skill of 10 or something like that, or use their Attack Value of 8 as their Driving, or what.

Is there a standard way to handle this? In our case I just used my printed out sheet of mook attacks, and it worked out pretty well, but if there's an 'official' way to deal with it I'd love to know.

Got an answer from Robin Laws--"Yes, use same number for Driving as for Attack.".

Yes, Robin is quite awesome, isn't he ? I was surprised when he answered my stupid email a few month ago "what's the score when you don't have a skill ?". It's written several times in the book but he still emailed me back.
I like him.