Mooks and non-hit damage

What happens to a mook who takes damage from a non-hit schtick source of wound points? Examples would include (but may not be limited to) Acid Blood, Agony Grenade, Beard of the Dragon, Fire Stance, Unyielding Tiger Stance.

This being a game where mooks are supposed to go down like tenpins, and because most if not all of these schticks imply some sort of "hit" even if no attack action/roll is made, my natural inclination is to say "they go down." However this makes a couple of these abilities (particularly Agony Grenade and Fire Stance) incredibly powerful against mooks, eclipsing the main powers of the Masked Avenger and Swordsman archetypes. What's the point of taking Masked Avenger if, after the first improvement, the Cyborg can take every single mook out in shot 7 of the first sequence?


That's a good point about Agony Grenade--you might consider emailing Atlas to ask a specific rules question about it.

I'd probably rule that it just doesn't apply to mooks, or else I'd just knock off 2 or 3 mooks as a result and say the rest were out of the blast range and didn't get acid on them.

Even garden variety grenades or explosives take out mooks with a single hit. Clearing a room of mooks is relatively easy if you don't care about collateral damage or allies, just toss a molotov cocktail into the fray. Room-sweeping martial arts and gun fu types however know exactly where to aim and dispatch mooks without harming their friends or priceless vases.

So it works as advertised but the advantage of the other schticks is that they are more surgical. Great, thanks for the answer!