Morat le Chanceux, Follower of Criamon

draft stats for the animal companion,

I expected the Bird to have more Might than that. Need to feed him before you take him as your familiar.
Is he a actually Intelligent or Cunning?

I was thinking in the IC thread that a small magic animal would have enough might that Vonnette couldn't make the bird leave with magic if she tried.

The might is just calculated from the flaw, I wasn’t sure if the size was right. Happy to adjust. I expect it has Int as it says it is an intelligent as a person.
If Vonette casts a spell on Morat's friend she is going to have a new set of problems. :slight_smile:

Falcons are size -3
Int instead of Cunning per the Flaw.

I was thinking it would be higher for some reason. There is a different one that gives 20-size I think (magical Mount or Magical Warder).

Still she only has 2 spell she could cast on Birdo and penetrate reasonably.