Morat le Chanceux, Follower of Criamon

Morat le Chanceux, Follower of Criamon

Master: Hans (p.87 F&F),
Master's cov: Miniata Sophia in the neighboring Provencal Tribunal (Faith & Flame, p.25 and p.86 in detail).

Behaves and dresses like a warrior, always armed and often armoured. Morat's gruff nature is re-enforced by his constant angry look and impatience; doubly impacted by his Blatant gift. His mythic blooded heritage calls backward to the Roman goddess Bellona, a fiery goddess of war and valour.

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I’d really like to do a breakthrough.
Fortuna is in the Hedge Magic, it is one type of magic the Learned Magicians can have, and has its own Arts. It starts on p89, with details of the equivalent guidelines in boxes similar to the Hermetic guidelines.
I chose this one as it is possible to make a magus who knows both this tradition and hermetic magic through purchase of virtues, so I’m interesting in my Criamon finding how to make that more closely integrated to Hermetic magic. Practically I think that means matching up Luck as a new Form because it does not match an existing Form.
I think you’re right that the entire Fortuna as presented might be a major, but perhaps I could do part of the luck manipulation?
There are three types presented - Guard/Protect Luck, Aid Luck, and Harm Luck.
so IMHO using a new name of Probabilitas instead of Luck in a breakthrough, that roughly translates as Rego Probabilitas, Creo Probabilitas, and Perdo Probabilitas.

Hedge Magic isn't an allowed source at character creation.

I know that. I’m asking if this is a viable topic for a breakthrough once play starts and if so, what difficulty?

Ah. Give me a day or so to review this?

Yep. No worries at all.

I underestimate my ability to review stuff quickly.

On page 102 of Hedge Magic, an example of a breakthrough is given at 40 points. A major breakthrough is 45, which puts the example close to being major. This tells me that integrating the entire art, to include all techniques and forms, would be a true Hermetic breakthrough, requiring 60 points. Definitely not an easy task, and it would take decades, if not a century or more. Keep in mind that the only Hermetic breakthrough in the history of Hermetic magic in canon is Parma Magic.

Is it possible? Yes. Feasible? Probably not unless you write your central character out of the story.

Fair enough. My ambitions are too broad - how about another breakthrough with a much narrower scope? Such as Warfare Magic: grants use of three new durations of Battle, Siege, and War,
See: ... rs-magica/

I'd be good with that as a Minor Breakthrough. The stuff I've seen in other books falls in line with that, so we'd be good with it!

Excellent, thank you. I’ll go for that as a breakthrough goal and see if he gets close. Given the research topic I’m changing parts of the magus design to be in that theme too. Perhaps the House should also be changed given Tytalus Tremere and Flambeau proclivity for combat but for now I’ll stat the magus as a Criamon.

Next question: I’m considering a minor focus, and saw a Battle as a suggestion. I know that Damage is rated as a Major, so it has to be narrower than that.

My suss is that it shouldn’t include damage spells at all.
One suggestion I got was:

note: I'm almost done advancing, roughly 6 years post apprenticeship. I might add one more, but not sure if it will add anything major.

Custom / changed spells.

Changing Morat's size to +6 = adds +12 Strength, -6 Quickness, and makes the wound penalty levels: Light (1-11), Medium (12-22), Heavy (23-33), Incapacitated (34-44), Dead (45+).

+6 years advanced.

Looks good to me. Keep in mind that you should have lab texts for every spell you have, not just the 2 you called out. I recall reading that in the core book somewhere...

He might mean translated Lab Texts.

You always generate them but they are your illegible scribbles and shorthand. You have to sit down and sort out your thoughts for them to be useable by someone else.

I should probably do that for a couple of mine once the game starts.

Those two lab texts are items Morat purchased with vis so he can create and learn them later. I put the cost next to them.

YAY, someone else bought books!

I should add mine to my equipment thanks for the reminder!

Realised that I need to spec Morat’s animal companion. That won’t affect start of play, but I will get into it. An xo for exposure with vis
Also the prohibition relates to him always drawing blood. The priests of Bellona also has a similar ritual where they would scar and cut themselves as acts of devotion.