Mordag- apprentice to Meliai

Int 5 Per 0
Pre 0 Com 1
Str -1 Sta 2
Dex 0 Quick -1

great intelligence(minor +1)
great intelligence(minor +1)
affinity with magic theory(minor +1)
apt student(minor +1)
book learner(minor +1)
deft intelligence(minor +1)
faerie blood-nymph(minor +1)

turbulence prone(major -3)
dependance(minor -1)
know it all(major -3)

Gaelic 5
faerie lore 2
survival- forest 2
stealth 2
swim 2
guile 2

This is Mordag upon discovery by Meliai

I'm not sure I want magi to make up their own apprentices. What's the general opinion of the troupe?

I was hoping the apprentice characters would be abstracted and be owned by the player.
You indicated that agi could make up the initial apprentice as discovered, I assumed this is why QPAC had not made the character yet...

Then I stand corrected.

Yeah, I was unclear on what to do since, I didn't notice a response either way. It certainly seemed like it was optional either way.