More examples of Vulnerable Magic

I'll take the Vulnerable Magic for my character, an illusionist from House Merinita with fairy blood and I am hesitating for the nature of the vulnerability. One difficulty being, we have a covenant in a city, meaning that some of the examples are more punishing than intended (typically, under the influence of Divine).

Do you have ideas or alternate examples of vulnerability? Either official ones or from your games.
What are the traditionnal vulnerabilies of Feys (especially german and nordic ones)?

My suggestion would be to look at anything that's a vulnerability / negative sympathy in RoP:F for suggestions.


and you may just take something random, like "thrown salt", "bleeding" or "geometric shapes"

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Define "under the influence of the Divine". The flaw is supposed to be an uncommon circunstance. Being in a divine aura isn't uncommon, but gaining or having one Faith Point from one of the sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Mass, Marriage, Ordination, Extreme Unction - I've left Penance out just because) might be suitable. Another options could be: uttering the name of a particular saint, or the name of God, or Christ, or making the cross sign.

You mention Faerie Blood. Which kind of faerie? I'd suggest you chose a thematic vulnerability, maybe inspired by RoP:Faerie.

Ideas from a few folk tales I can remember (I twisted some to make them more suitable):

  • Sunlight (eg. regardless of the Duration parameter, if the target of the spell is subjected to sunlight at the dawn the spell ends, and if you are bathed by the sun at dawn all your spells end).
  • Receiving thanks. Saying thanks.
  • People born on a Sunday (in this case, I'd make your spells end if a person born on a Sunday touches you, and make people born on a Sunday completely immune to your spells)
  • Wearing a particular color
  • Touching a specific herb
  • Invitation (if you enter a place unninvited your magic is dispelled; if someone under the effect of your magic enters a place specifically after being invited, the spell is dispelled for them).

We had a fairy blooded musician whose magics were dispelled by the ringing of iron church bells - but our covenant was far from a city. Touching iron?

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