More Newbie Questions

Couple of things have come up from perusing the rules and playing a bit:

  1. Does the movement stat on the monsters serve a purpose (yet)?

  2. I have the version 2.1 rules that came with the Lich Lord set. What does this sentence mean?

"Use the best attack type when adding scores together from various cards for your attack roll. For example: [diamond]2 +[circle]1 = 3."

If a player can only initiate an attack with a [circle], then how can [circle]s and [diamond]s be added together?

I guess I mean that I don't understand the sentences within the context of the preceding paragraphs.


Much Appreciated,


Hi there.

  1. That's a good catch on the Movement. Movement was added to the monsters with the intention of designing effects based on it, but these haven't been included in a set yet. :slight_smile:

  2. DIAMOND 2 + CIRCLE 1 = CIRCLE 3 This means that if you have a card that adds a bonus to your attack, you can add it even if it's a different attack TYPE (Standard or Counter-attack) and the resulting attack is a Standard attack rather than a Counter-attack. They have to be the same attack FORM, though (Melee, Magic, or Speed).

I read the original rule on this several times and similarly didn't get it. The explantion didn't help either. I can't help but seeing that as a rule that says you can combine two different things as long as they are the same. Can you give an example?

P.S. I notice that the rule is missing from the non-official new rules.

  1. There are no cards currently that utilize monster's speed, but it was important to complete the stats for the monsters. The optional rules include a feature called "wandering pack" which utilizes speed (the stat is called speed, not movement).

  2. This sentence isn't really necessary.