More players for Bibracte

I'm looking for two more players for Bibracte. I have two extremely active players, and a semi-regular contributor. The saga involves asynchronous story telling where the player's magi take responsibility for running a covenant for a season. All seasons happen more or less concurrently in play to allow some rapid advancement, and allow for differing posting speeds. I would like some players that can post frequently and often to match qcipher and Peregrine-Bjornaer, but that isn't strictly necessary.

A minimum of 2-4 posts per week is necessary.

Interested players should develop a magus 30 years post gauntlet by the RAW, except I allow 10 xp/season (40 xp annually) and you can take off a season to do some labwork (just drop 10 xps for that season). Spells chosen should be purchased with experience points, not as lab work. You may pick spells from any of the supplments and the Net Grimoire (some exceptions may apply). PM me for details and discussion of character concepts, if you're interested.

I thought I had a full game but that has changed. I'd think we could use one more.

The game is now full.