mountain trek

After leaving the covenant to explore its surroundings after some time, Okeannetis and Elephant killer find themselves turned around and without directions on how to get back to the covenant.

Okeannetis tries to orient herself by the stars and looks at Elephant-Killer "I couldn't have been too difficult to have travelled here, might be that there's either an enchantment, or the covenant is in a Regio. Do you have a way to see it's boundary? If not, such an enchantment is gonna be high on my list of things to do, so we don't have a problem going in and out as we please."

Elephant killer snorts "You would be better off enchanting my sense of smell than my vision."

The stars are not out yet, but you also are not sure at this point which direction you are from the covenant.

"I will consider that, but first, probably devise a spell to improve your sense of humor! Well, nothing to do, but keep on looking, at least for a place to spend the night." And she leads him further, to look for a cave, or some such to rest for the night.

as the sun sets you find a cave which appears to have light emenating from it. At the front of the cave are two statues- both men but one with the head of an eagle and the other with the head of a jackal. The one with the head of the jackal cautions you "Great danger lies within, it would be safer to remain without." To which the eagle headed statue replies "great opportunity lies within as well, it is for you to decide if the risk is worth the reward."

Okeannetis stands in front of them, and considers her options. This is the first cave we've seen in the area, and it would be good to rest, and it looks like there's either some magic or faerie thing involved here, so it would be good to explore, and report my findings to the others, but is it wise to put myself and Elephant-Killer in more danger?
She turns to Elephant-Killer and speaks to him in mind "I am going in, to explore, we'll stay in touch, and if anything untoward happens to me, you will be free. You can then either leave all contact with Magi, and disappear, or, and I would appreciate that greatly as one last service, wait here, for the other Magi to find you, so they know to explore this cave, and then take your leave. If things work out, I will come back, and we can still communicate, so if I need help, you can help me."
And then she turns back to the statues, smiling, and says "Who are you, and who set you here? May I know that much before I enter?"

The statues stand silently, not answering your question.

Well then. Okeannetis walks in, her back straight, and willing to face what challenges may come.

You enter the cavern and find that there is an ambient light throughout, the caverns stands 30 feet tall and 40 feet across, with a dozen passageways before you. A ring of mushrooms stands in the middle of the room, each mushroom standing 2 feet in height, and in the middle of the ring sits a gnome. He cackles quietly and looks up at you "You will need a guide if you are not going to get lost in the choices ahead. Take my hand that I might leave this circle and I will guide you."

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"Lost in choices? I think you mistake me for a mundane. I love the idea of multiple choices, but, I do thank you for that piece of advice." And she gives him a small curtsey, before going over to see whether any of the passages as any markings.

aside from minor variations in the shape of rocks in the tunnel they seem to be essentially the same- enough variation that it doesn't look like the same actual tunnel copied 7 times.

After seeing that there's little to mark each tunnel, she will pick the 3rd tunnel to the left, as that is what she considers her lucky number. Before walking in, she casts Eyes of the Cat on herself, and looks to see whether there are any torches or such to take with her.

There are no torches, but the diffuse ambient lighting continues as she walks down the passage, which emerges into a brightly lit forest glade, where it appears to be midday. A young woman is picking berries from a bush and Okeannetis realizes she has been gone since lunch and never did find anything to eat.

Okeannetis walks up to the girl, and talks to her "Hello, what are these berries? And where are we?"

The young woman responds "These are apple berries, and this is the clearing. We are picking them for dinner." as she does this a small girl emerges from her skirts. "If you wanna pick berries I can help!"

She will help them pick berries, and taste a few. "I'd be delighted to help pick berries."

while she does, she will look around to see whether there's anyone else around, man or beast.

As she stats to pick berries the young girl dances up to her "how can I help?"
You don't see anyone else around at the moment.
You gain the temporary score of Fable:1

Okeannetis will show the little girl how to pick ripe berries "Where are you from? Why didn't your mother teach you how to pick berries?"

"Mommy says I'm too little to pick berries, but I can help!" she pops one of the berries in her mouth.

She pats the girl on the head "I am sure you can help, but if mommy says you can't, you need to listen to her, after all, mommy knows better, right?" And she keeps on gathering berries while chatting with the little girl.