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The covenant at the valley of the cursed springs is an odd place to enter for the unknowing, as the inhabitants have a tendency to not stay in their original shape for very long at a time, shifting into animals, fay, magical, even infernal and divine creatures, or changing gender at the drop of a hat, or more precisely, at a splash of water...

Created as a convenient place to research curses, with the multitude of cursed springs nearby providing ample research material. What the original creators had not realised at the time was that the springs tend to act as a magnet for people to fall into them, and get cursed into changing into whatever once drowned in the spring when hit with cold water, reverting to their real form with warm water, so it did not take long before more of the people at the covenant were cursed than not. The resident magi are mixed in their views on this, most consider it an opportunity for better research, while those less pleased with whatever curse they got hit with tend to work hard to find a way to lift the curses. The curse also tends to act like a cold water magnet at the most inopportune times.

The nearest neighbours is the Musk Dynasty clan, an extremely patriarchal warrior society that has gone excessively fanatical in their attempt at creating the ultimate warrior. As part of that goal they use the cursed spring of drowned girl and a magic item to permanently change animals to human form in the hope of breeding the best strengths of the animals into the clan.
Over the centuries, especially the lineages for wolves and tigers have been very successful, few normal people can compete with the speed of the former and the strength of the latter.
The current leader is Herb, who has dragon ancestry among others and is a warrior of immense power, magi beware! He is currently in somewhat of a bind however as he was splashed by drowned girl water...

Further away in another direction is a large village that is an offshoot branch of Amazons, it´s not a place to visit for the faint of heart...

High on the mountain from where the water for the springs originate, the Phoenix people lives in almost absolute seclusion from all others, having used the only spring on the mountain, spring of drowned bird, as their source of water for centuries, they are now a people with wings and talons as much as arms and hands.
Their leader Saffron IS essentially a phoenix and should not be disturbed.

Writeup with just some tiny change based on the Jusenkyo area that is the main plot instigator from "Ranma 1/2".

Yeah, i love it, i am one big fan of Rumik's Works. With Faerie or Magic we could make the concept of Inuyasha too, soon i'll make one try.

Nice. Not the first time you mention Ranma, but considering the genre I've been skeptical. But this time you got me :slight_smile: I might just take a quick peek at Ranma soon.

Lol... Not the best series ever, but it DOES have an insane amount of crazy stuff which is probably why it ends up mentioned at times. And first couple of seasons are hilarious, and so are the characters.

While reading i realised the Jusenkyo setting could pretty much be moved wherever you wanted it to almost without changes and would be fairly easy to use so it was almost a must do to for a writeup of some sort.

Hmm, yeah that could probably work as well, but not nearly as easy to convert i think? It´s more of a whole world rather than a location like Jusenkyo. Naraku would certainly be an archenemy worth the name.

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What about Flesh & Blood? Reinanssance Verhoeven methinks...

Alexander Nevsky/Ivan the Terrible for the Rus Tribunal... There's also a George Segal movie based in medieval Russia (but has a great themes that can be 'ported to almost anywhere in Mythic Europe) which is quite chilling, I forget it's title, tho'.

Here, I've found it...
No wonder I forgot the title... :laughing:

An even better on is where Bill and Ted play death in games of Twister and Cludo, and death tries to cheat.

Oh my gosh! :blush: Maybe i'm to cartoon fan... but:

Gargoyles ( almost.... all

Avatar, Last airbender ( summae Re Q20 lvl30 :smiley:

Dungeons & Dragons, animated series ( bestiary

Hellboy animated 2006, 2007

Ulises 31 ( yes.. not straigth but clasical adveture seeds at all.

The fligth of dragons ( Simply sublime

The last unicorn ( emotive, twee, faerie

Doctor snuggles ( Humm completelly unstraigth way of thinking, only under prescription. The scriptwriter wrote an screenplay, he smoked it, and wrote new one. Criamon?

The shadow ( summae Im Q15 lvl15

The color of magic ( And any discworld in general. Maybe the best way to undestrand "the things are as believed in, not as science says" of middle age. Show to your players and be overwhelmed by thousands of Rincewinds and Morts etcetera.

Conan, the barbarian ( how could you ever missed?

PS:I have more, it's a menace

I love this excellent series with a passion... If they had released all the second season on DVD, it would have been my first non-translated DVDs series ever.

To everyone who don't know it:
1st season is good, installation, character development, a great enjoyment. And... Xanathos, one of the best villains ever.
2nd season is awesome. I've never met anything of the sort
3rd season was commited by butchers with no sence of decency. It never happened.


Too insane for many i fear... I´ve already used plots from it myself of course. :mrgreen:

Oh :open_mouth:!! Did you seen Dr Snuggles? you would probable be the first person i ever "meet" that had. :open_mouth:
If so, was i wrong abut the comentary? :smiley:

But of course! It was quite popular here when i was a kid. :smiley:
Went well together with

You were probably not TOO wrong... :wink:

There's a really nice saga arc in the Anime series "Full Metal Alchemist."

The show itself is set in a world that mixes machinery and magic ("alchemy"), but the show deals with a lot of the themes of Ars. The alchemists are both feared for their gift, but also respected. The "official" alchemists work for the government; any who don't are rogue. (Diedne anyone?) The main "quest" is to try to find the philosopher's stone, and the main villains are weird infernal/faerie creatures based on the 7 deadly sins. There's lots of cool stuff to plunder from this show. And it's also really entertaining with great animation, lots of comedy, and some really nice dramatic moments too! Highly recommended.


in the photo seems to induce epilepsia arrests :laughing:

Great point!, for me, a good Re/Mu Sumae with some Cr on it. And some saga ideas too

What about:

Fringe ( at least 1 or 2 formulaic seed per episode

Yes! I find the various alchemists to be awesome for Focus and spell ideas :smiley:
In a way, even naruto can be useful for that, btw (even if it does tend to become ridiculous and quite a pissing contest, IMO :frowning:)

By the way, there's 2 anime series, which have the same starting point but diverge:

  • FMA
  • FMA: Brotherhood, being based on the manga.

Both are awesome, but I would recommend beginning by FMA, since the other way around could spoil some things.

But definitely a great series and source of inspiration (Spells, NPCs, scenario ideas...)!

Very. But it does have quite a lot of stuff that can be used as both spells, items and plots.

In the same direction, by request i´ve written up items more or less closely based on some of the zanpakuto´s from Bleach, a bit troublesome to avoid having them be superhigh levels for far too minor effects, but very neat magic weapons in the end.
Not a place to find plot ideas though. The intrigue is often on the serious side and scale whenever shown.

About Naruto:
Jinchuriki are a posibility to two Things: Or some Mythic Blood or to Spiritual Pact Virtue or both. Did I hear Muspelli Mythic Blood version?
One more thing, i experimented under some rules inspirated on Ars to one Naruto game.
One more animanga thing:
Crafters of Automatas or Mechanician's inheritance and Mazinger Z (or others Mechas cousins). I think that one +6 Iron giant still being possible with both, and maybe Mystic/Magic Architecture.

Oh, and Avatar can be a great source of inspiration for elemental-inclined magi, too.

What I would not give to find a ST who would run even a bad facsimile of a Discworld story. :smiley:

I am glad to own the GURPS Discworld books... though as with any book of Jackson, actually running a game longer than the time it takes for delivered food to arrive is nearly impossible.