MuAq on a pre-existing poison

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If you use a MuAq spell on a pre-existing poison, what happens? Say I take some arsenic (medium wound, difficulty to resist 6) and then MuAq to increase its potency to Heavy - is the difficulty to resist the base 3, same as if you were transforming a base liquid to poison, or is it enhancing the pre-existing poison and therefore the difficulty is still 6?

If you say it's base 3, that means if you can cast a spell to transmute a poison to base difficulty 3 then any magus with a decent strength can develop an easy counter-poison. If you say the latter, that means people with access to a dubious apothecary can find using MuAq to make a poison very vicious.

The other question I have is regards to a venomous Bjornaer wanting to transform their own venom - will target personal (target the venom inside your own venom glands) with an Animal requisite and duration diameter be enough?

I put a comment up but I think WP lost it. Can you also transform water to poison with a base which doesn't use the CrAq guidelines for an incap poison.
And I think the last spell on the page needs range touch too.

Thanks for pointing that out, I've edited the spell to add the touch range.

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The problem with transforming water to poison and vice versa is the massive change in volume - a single dose of poison is the equivalent of thousands of litres of water, so even a large barrel of water may not get you a full dose and if you try to turn poison to water, the recipient will need to vomit out more gallons of water than their stomach can hold, or a snakebite will suddenly gush like a fountain.

But I think the OP wants to change poison into a stronger poison. I am guessing if you had a medium poison and wanted to change it into a heavy poison that is base 4. To change it into a fatal poison is base 10.

You're completely transforming the substance, neh?
So I don't really see why the base difficulty to resist the new poison shouldn't be 3.