MuHe(Me) Guideline to awake a plant on dead plants or Terram

The Base 4 MuHe(Me) - Awake the Concience of a Plant from the Core Rules... I have three doubts:

  1. Should need a size modification to work on tress? (I supose that in the Core rules and the MoH say taht detail)
  2. Should work on dead wood? Maybe a Creo requisite and a +1 Magnitud be required?
  3. Related to the 2 - Should one MuTe(Me) base 4 or 5 be possible to other object types?
    On 2) and 3) Should be a Breakthrough required to achieve the effect? Minor or Major?

I saw the First Point on the Level 25 MuHe(Me) Spell on the Stir of Slumbering Tree on AM 137.

Page 135: A base individual for Herbam is a plant roughly one pace in each direction.
Page 136: (CrHe Level 01) This guideline can affect a plant up to 10 paces in each direction , a large tree.
(That is , this guideline includes a +03 Size enhancement)
Page 137: Stir The Slumbering Tree , (Base 04 , +01 Touch , +02 Sun , +02 Size).
Page 136: (CrHe Level 03) Create wood in an unnatural shape , such as a living wall or a bridge.
Page 135: Bridge of Wood , (Base 03 , +01 Touch , +02 Sun , +02 Size)

Unless the Herbam guideline includes a size increase , then you have to include one in the spell.
Are you trying to Awaken a dead plant or tree?
If you just want information , use a herbam version (InHe(Me)) of Whispers through the Black Gate on page 130.

Possibly you might want to look at Animae Magic (Major House Mystery) on page 92 & 94 in HoH: Mystery Cults for ideas.
Awakened Trees on page 128 in RoP: Magic has only a small amount of information.
Elementals on page 132/133 (RoP: M) could be useful:

So you would need either a Mystery or a Breakthrough to use the elemental guidelines on wood or manufactured Terram objects.

The Creo guidelines for restoring life are high , Level 75 for Animal on page 116 and Level 70 for Corpus on page 130.
Restoring life to a plant should be a lower Creo guideline than Animal or Corpus , but not sure how much.
Therefore , restoring the mind only of a formerly living plant should be easier again , but Level 50 is a possibility.
Seems a bit like a Herbam version of Necromancy though.

So i think a Creo requisite and +01 magnitude are not enough for what you want with dead wood.
Definitely higher than Base 4 or 5 with MuTe(Me) for other objects.
Read the Muto Animal Guidelines on page 118 for comparisons.

Giving consciousness to Terram objects is a Major Breakthrough , imo.

Or not, since change Aspect of dirt and to give it a extrange propierty is the same base level.
The Creo isn't so stricted, specially if we see that some guidelines and effect are written taht you can use from another Form.
Thanks too.