MuIm effect granting bonus to music

With Aura of ennobled presence there is an example base 3 MuIm effect granting a bonus of +3 for a small range of social interactions.

Notes of delightful sound is base 1 manipulating music, but granting no bonus to rolls.

The recovery rolls give examples for +3 bonus per magnitude. The permanent characteristics improvement guidelines give examples for +1 increase per magnitude.

What would be an appropriate base level for a bonus to music rolls? By which steps would this bonus increase per magnitude? What would be an appropriate maximum bonus?

P.S. I couldn't find anything useful in A&A.

No book handy, but you could also take a quick look for MuCo guidelines for granting bonuses to vision/swimming/climbing, etc. I remember there being some things about that.

For what it's worth, Notes of a Delightful sound in past editions granted a whopping +6 bonus to music rolls!
However, I always thought that was excessive, particularly when interacting with things like Enchanting music.

I think that an Imaginem spell should grant something like +2 bonus to Music rolls, possibly +3 or +4 if the caster is deft enough, for example if he makes a Finesse roll that beats the Music roll being enhanced. It's hard to improve the quality of master musician's performance, particularly if you are a lousy sound technician yourself! I do not think high magnitude should play a part in it.

I'd be inclined to grant +3 for a narrowish range of music rolls, such as to play a (particular?) instrument, or alternatively to sing. Think the sort of thing you can take a speciality in. It wouldn't affect all music rolls - in particular, I don't see composition being affected.

There's already a spell that can give +3 to music composition - Hearing the silent Chorus, page 16 A&A.

You're entirely right - I'd been thinking solely about MuIm rolls, and hadn't thought to look at other approaches. It makes sense that InIm could help composition (although via listening to the music of the spheres wouldn't have been my first thought!)

Was perfect pitch a thing in 1220? could you use MuCo and/or MuIm guidelines to grant that ability and would it give a bonus to music rolls?