Multi-subject books

Are there RAW that cover multi-ability books? By this I mean books such as the Bible from p 86 of RoP:D that provides experience in Theology and Church Lore.

When reading, do you get experience in all subjects simultaneously, which seems realistic but very powerful, or do you have to choose what you are reading about. The latter conjures up images of frantic page flicking to find the next section on what the reader is really interested in.

None that I am aware of.

The only ones for which it is the case are the Folio Bonisagi with Hermes Lore.

You decide as usual, which XP source you want to apply for the season. i.e. what you are getting out of the book - Church Lore or Theology.

As I understood it, you only got one XP source for a season, making it worthwhile to read some books more than once in order to get the greatest value from them.


That's my interpretation too. Despite having only one cover and one title, for the purposes of rules (studying, copying etc.) each such book is really a collection of multiple "books".

Yes, I think that's the the best.