Multiple-choice polls

I've just PM the webmaster pleading for multiple-choice polls being allowed on this forum. Is anyone else interested in joining the petition with me ?

yeah! What he said!

But make it so only my choices count!

What he said he said! :laughing:

NOT what he said! :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=117]PICK ME PICK ME[/size] :wink:

I can't respond to your question! I need at be able to select at least two different choices!!

  1. Yes please to multiple polls, and
  2. Polls are futile, seek the truth you desire through the Enigma


[color=green]All of the Above. :mrgreen:

I think it would help your case quite a bit if you could point them to an easily-installed phpBB module that does provide such "multiple choice" polls.

Ooh, well, I dont know 'owt about such technical matters, but I do know that this forum looks nigh on identical to the one used by Hero games, and that multiple choice polls are available there. It's a starting point...


If you look at the, very bottom of the page, you'll see that the Hero Games forum use vBulletin. This one uses phpBB.

Just to notify that the webmaster has just kindly PM me, in response to my plead, and your support to the petition:

So I really have to thank both her and all of you for the support to my plead, now we just have to wait and see what our resourceful webmaster is able to come up with.

Well, this was a nice little piece of successful lobbying. Thanks to all, and good work to Wendy :smiley:

Cool! Looks like some more poll fun will be in the future.

So, Wanderer, what will be your next forum-improving campaign? :wink:

Certainly to advocate that we should all be able to gain the gains of 'Poll Scrípts' without a tormenting Mystawebgogue?? :stuck_out_tongue: