Multiple choices for House Virtues?

Snipped from the recent 'Certamen' thread, a subject going somewhat off topic, but interesting enough to follow up upon.

The idea that you don't just get one House Virtue, but have several to choose from, seems like a good idea IMHO. Sure, some Houses have a little freedom, but I'm looking for something more than just 2 choices. Like Flambeau in HOH:S, where there are several schools. And the relative freedom for Jerbiton's virtue. Especially the Tremere's focus with Certamen is much debated, and it seems that many troupes do away with this. So new suggestions are welcome.

But what to do, when you get to the Mystery Cults? Their House Virtue is the basic initiation into their house's outer mysteries, and thay can't very well do without this?!?!

But if the system is expanded, so instead of just 1 free virtue, there are some House Virtues & Flaws, restricted to this specific house? A few might be found again in other another house, but primarily unique ones. These are included into the normal V&F budget, so the magi must still end with max +11/-10. But any special house Virtues chosen must be balanced (except the free one!) by House Flaws! These flaws need not be unique and restricted, but rather be the typical ones from these houses. An idea thet could work?

While more unique ones certainly would be nice, thats not exactly easy to come up with.
And then, keeping these as part of the normal V/F means you could just pick them normally anyway, and Ex Miscellanea will still be the only house with +14/-13.
So i think your version rather defeats its own purpose. Unless of course you can come up with 1+ unique virtue and flaw for each house?

That would really be a bit of a pickle. But would also make the houses more distinct from the others. Mystery Cult houses already has things only they can learn. I can certainly see the concept of True Lineage houses keeping secrets within their ranks. But Sociatates houses seems more open, OTOH it might simply be a case of them seeking out and choosing prospects with latent abilities, cultivating it to some of the typical Virtues.