Multiple Experiments

With a lab total of 30, you can research 15 level 1 general spells. The rules say that any effects on the extraordinary results chart apply to each spell at once. If you get a Discovery, does that mean you can get 225xp in Magic Theory?

When experimenting, you have one roll per season on the Extraordinary Results Chart. This then affects all the little projects you experiment on this season. And if you roll a Discovery and then a 1-4, you get once 15 xp in Magic Theory.

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I ask because it's also feasible to have your multiple spells receive modifications to their effects that can't apply equally to each other, implying that it could be viewed as the results roll applying individually to each spell.

I did. I came up with nothing, which is why I felt like it was a safe thing to ask. Thanks for making me feel stupid.

Not as far as I can tell.

I understand what you mean. So if you compleate 3 low level projects in one season but roll an altered effect, fatal flaw or major side benifit. Then each prodject should have a different fatal flaw or altered effect. That sorta makes sense. But I would argue that the Extrodinary Results Chart should be read more organically and be considered to apply to the season as a whole not each prodject individually.

So an altered effect might mean instead of producing three individual projects you accidently get one large one. Or you could reverse that and get two small effects out of one large project.

Major side benifit might only apply to one of the things and the other two are unaltered.

A fatal flaw might mean that when one of the spells is cast another one the effects you created that season goes off randomly.

The point is to take the results and get creative with the story not treat the results of the roll like binary logic.

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I'm not seeing how it trivially answers my question given the lack of resolution to a contextually different question. What other threads are there concerning the subject, since it's apparently a regular topic (one does not make a pattern)?

Experimentation and multiple activities - #2 by Berengar :

Experimentation and multiple activities - #2 by Berengar :

To me this looks like it addresses and by quote resolves your OP's question, which I quoted again on top of this post.


Repeating yourself, while shouting (figuratively), brings no additional clarification. Is there some other point you're trying to make with me?

None I didn't make yet. And I am certainly not even figuratively shouting. :unamused:

But here's one last repetition, just for clarity:

  • as you can only roll once per lab season on the Extraordinary Results Chart (ArM5 p.107 quoted and explained above),
  • you can at most get one Discovery in that lab season,
  • which again can only provide one roll on the Discovery Chart,
  • which then only can net 15 xp in magic Theory once.
    The number of spells or other projects worked on in that season just does not matter for these rolls.
    If that isn't sufficient for you, I rest my case.


You rest your case that you've been a condescending jerk from the very beginning of this thread?

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