Multiple limbs

I came across the article on Starkad, so since he he supposed to be descended from Norse Giants presumably he is magic aligned.
Searching these forums I find several mentions of the spell "Blessing a Starkad" MuCo25, from MoH p 49, which seems to reinforce my notion.

But, a quick perusal of Norse Mythology doesn't reveal any giants with Multipe limbs. Ettins may have multiple heads, but they seem to be covered in RoP.Faerie, suggesting that multi-headed Ettins are all Faerie aligned.
Greek Mythology has hundred-handed Briareus, who appears to be Magic like the Titans.

There almost seems to be an implied rule that for humanoids - multiple heads = Faeries, while multiple limbs = Magic.

I was just wondering that if I wanted to create an NPC with multiple arms, ala Starkad, would they be a human or giant with Corpus Monstrosity, from Rop:Magic?

I'd suspect it would be another variant of the Horrifying Appearance (Major) Flaw. The Three Heads variant is in Rival Magic and the Snake Legs is in TSE.

Also, the Inspiderwiht from TTT pg 130 has the (nonmagical) Gift of the Spider Power, which covers having 6 arms.

It's entirely possible to have the same type of creature across multiple realms (not least because Faeries tend to copy other Realms), so I wouldn't take their existence in one realm as ruling out their existence in another.