multiple Magical Companions?

The thread on [url]] Double Familiar has left me wondering, what about a character with several magical companions?

We have a character with Mythic Blood who has "too much" magic, and is appealing to denizens of the magic realm eg whenever they spell-cast the nearby airy spirits gather to dance around the character (which was not good the time when one of the airy spirits was a spirit of disease), and sooner or later every creature with Magic Might in the neighbourhood comes to check out the source of the magic "spike" caused by this character's magical activities. Most of the creatures are not happy to find a human mage at the center of the "spike". This is how the character's Supernatural Nuisance flaw has been described.
However, not every magical creature has been annoyed at the mage character. There was a bonnacon that liked being in the mage's presence, we eventually had to sail away to avoid it.

So I was thinking, it would not take much to change this character concept into to one with several Magical Companions, some of which would come and go as the Seasons change, and there might be occasional fighting to determine hierarchy of which one was closest to the human.
Or am I overlooking something?

What about using the ArM5 p.58 Major Story Flaw Plagued by Supernatural Entity with a group as the entity, and/or the Covenants p.118 Lab Virtues Lesser Horde or Greater Horde to base your character on?
ArM5 p.56 Magical Animal Companion is a Minor Story Flaw, hence requires your troupe to discuss, assess and allow multiple instances.


Sorry, I meant that the major Story Flaw Supernatural Nuisance could cover multiple magical animal companions. They are occasionally useful, but a lot of upkeep and attention.

In this case I would have thought that to be Plagued by the supernatural would involve something like a pack of magical wolves who have accepted you as the pack leader, but demand that you act like the pack leader they expect.

I will have to borrow a copy of "Covenants".

Whilst it's not exactly what you want, there's the "Magical Mount" minor virtue on page 46 of Realms of Power: Magic, which gives you a mount, beast of burden or "guard dog" of up to Might 25. It's not explicitly a virtue you can take multiple times, but your troupe might let you (or alternatively, they might let you break it down into several less powerful creatures).