Fellow GMs:

Due to the curious nature of the background muzak played in the Terminal, how do you handle the musical mood changes? For instance: when a certain PC's angry, do you swicth to heavy metal; when sad, do you play a melancholic tune, etc.?

Fishing for ideas!


I don't use music when playing.

When I tried to do that, I found several problems between each players, so no music when I'm the GM. No time wasted looking for the track that - maybe - fits in the scene.

Maybe I will try to use music again, only for the background, but I will not care to change it during the game, just one long track. If you can describe the situations and the feeling of, and if your players are "in" the game, they will feel the pain, fear, happiness... whatever you want.

Maybe, for background music for OTE free jazz is a good option (event not thinking about the game the next link is a must)
Or maybe music from Cage (another "must")

But think in heavy metal... I should say that I don't like it...

¡Holas de nuevo!

There are cool musick ideas in the OTE corebook or Players Guide... Don't remember which.

You can't go wrong w/jazz... After all, it is the soundtrack of Naked Lunch, right?

Thanks for ythe answer...


Jem is realy very nice, Dr Alban was he not responsible for the music for That advert