Mutantem Magic Virtue question

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I'm working up a Mercere of the Mutante lineage, and want to take the Mutantem Magic virtue. Does this virtue give him the 3 special types of casting: Boosting, harnessing, and Tethering? Or do I also need to take those virtues?


The Mutantum Magic (HoH:TL p.107) of a Mutans does not bestow full use of the Minor Virtues Boosted Magic, Harnessed Magic or Tethered Magic on him. But he can invent Mutantum Spells (p.101) and effects in magic items, which he and others with just Mutantum Magic can cast/use in Boosted, Harnessed and/or Tethered fashion.

So a Mutans does not need the other Minor Virtues - some of which come with inherent drawbacks. If you wish to strengthen your Mercere's link to the Mutantes further, you can give him the Major Virtue Tamed Magic (p.107), though.


Tamed magic gives the 3 minor virtues without the drawbacks plus allows for their use in Spontaneous magic which the Mutantum Magic virtue does not. It is a chunk of Virtue points for the effects. I do not think there is another Major Virtue that requires a minor virtue to be taken.