Mutantum Magic & Tame Magic

I have a question about a part of these virtues.

HoH:TL pg 107
Mutantum Magic says You may take the Tamed Magic virtue, and half of your starting spells may be "tamed" versions of common spells.

So what does a "tamed" spell mean? Is it a spell with one or more of the muntantum master abilities? It is not very clear.

If it is a the mastered abilities does this mean that the spells are mastered with that ability?

The part I'm referring to is where the half of your starting spells may be tamed spells.

This is rather ambivalent. Half as in number of spells? Half as in spell levels? Tamed meaning the mastery versions of the spells?

Since you can learn a spell mastery from someone else's book on the spell I must assume that half of the starting spells get a free "mastery" as either Tethered, Harnessed or Boosted. But it is not very clear.

I think it means 60 levels of tamed spells.
By "tamed spells" it means spell using your "taming" virtue in it.
But not sure.

Tamed Virtue just gives the ability to use Harnessed and Tethered magic in Formulaic and spontaneous spells without the negatives of taking the minor virtues.

And it is half your starting spells. Talk me down from this but I assume that it gives free mastery for 60 spell levels with the Muntantum abilities ( Harnessed, Tethered, or Boosted).

as it is a virtue, and as i dont see the point to have 60 spells "lacking" of use, i would say you're right. But, again, not sure.

It means spells that use Mutantum parameters, like the ones in the spells section. It's like you have learned them with the mastery abilities built in.

That is what I talked myself into. I thought it might be the case when I read that other magi could learn a mastered spell by reading a casting tablet/book by someone who had mastered it.

This is a bit off topic, but I'm new to forum use and don't want to start a new thread just yet.

Is it possible to enchant a mutantum theurgic effect into an item? That is, can an item hand an effect off to someone, allowing them to make the necessary bargain with the theurgic spirit? That crazy mercere might just be able to make an item that allows spontaneous magic, in an odd sort of way.

Nearly, yes. Some of the Mastery abilities differ slightly from the base Mutantum abilities, though.