Muto Corpus and healing

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I'm about to start a campaign with some folks at work, and lunches have recently become discussions of Magic Theory. Me being somewhat new to the game myself, it's been interesting, not to mention daunting with how much I need to learn.....

If a character takes a wound as a human, then is changed into an animal via muto corpus, what heals the character while in animal form: CrCo or CrAn? I would assume CrCo due to the limit of Essential Nature.

If a human is shapechanged into a small animal form, does she "lose" body levels due to her smaller size? ie, does she now have fewer body levels?


Both Corpus and Animal will work equally as far as the character's body is concerned: he really is still human, but his body is animal-shaped. His mind will still be affected by Mentem only.

In 4th edition, I'd leave her at an equivalent wound penalty level, ignoring those which have disappeared. In 5th edition, the point is moot: you just keep the wounds as they were inflicted. :slight_smile:

I turn my back away midpost for a minute and I see Fruny beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll elaborate a bit on his answer though. Basically it all depends on your way of becoming an animal whether you can be targeted with what magic. If wanting to target the mind and mentem isn't an option you'll have to device the effect with Animal.

MuCo(An) Animal, Corpus, Mentem
Heartbeast Animal only
Shapechanger virtue Animal, Corpus, Mentem
Lycanthrope flaw Animal, Corpus (all wounds disappear when returning to human shape)

And concerning the damage -as Fruny touched upon- the beauty of 5th edition damage is that all have an 'infinite' number of seperate wounds of a certain degree (Light/Medium/Heavy) and the size does not influence this. The size only impacts on how easily you suffer a more grave wound. When you got a wound it stays in that cathegory even if you change your shape.

thanks all. The fog has lifted from my eyes.

I've been playing 4th ed. for 2 years.

I'm starting up a 5th ed. saga with these new players from work. So much to learn.... But damn I love the new materials so much, I just had to make the leap.

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