Muto Imaginem Guidelines

I've been trying to figure out how the level 4 guideline (change 4 senses) and the level 5 guideline (change an object's image complete, except for touch) are different. And would there be, say a level 3 version of the latter, affecting only two senses?


Senses are:

  • touch (including temperature)
  • smell
  • hearing
  • vision
  • taste

So 4 senses means one sense is not affected?

Exactly. My point is that both guidelines mean four senses--except the level 4 guidelines can be any four senses, and the level 5 guidelines specifically say everything but Touch.


May be the level 5 meshes them togeather better in to one cohesive veil, where as with the lvl 4 the lips might not match the sound coming out for example?

they should prolly errata this

I would guess that 'in all things except touch' is here to remind us that the illusion cannot be solid: an observer can feel illusionary texture if he runs his hand lightly across, but if he pushes he will 'feel' the real object as far as softness or hardness are concerned (so a pillow disguised as a stone might have the texture of stone but it is still soft).