My first Mysteries: Am I doing this right?

I'd like some feedback on this particular Mystery sub-cult to see if I'm doing Mysteries correctly.

Aquarian Mysteries

A maga of the Order of the Star, born on the Winter Solstice, has spent a decade studying and experimenting with the astronomical effects of the constellation of Aquarius and the methods needed to draw its beneficient influence down into the human mind. She posits that, as Aquarius is the constellation of learning, teaching and revelation, ritual entreaties to the stars and the daimon of the constellation during the first years of apprenticeship will result in opening the apprentice's mind, strengthening the rational and intellectual faculties and making the apprentice a better learner, and thus a better magus. (Actually, I'd develop this mystery through experimentation in-game, which'll probably mean flawed ordeals and all that jazz.)

These mysteries are a development of Order of the Star Lore. Similar mysteries may be developed by the Mathematici of Bologna, who are well-versed in astrology and entreating the stars; as no Supernatural Virtues are taught, only the first Initiation requires an Ordeal. Each Initiation builds off of the prior ones' Ordeals, and so they must be taken in order. For each Initiation, the seeker and the mystagogue must be literate in a shared language, and the mystagogue must have at least Artes Liberales 4, the Virtue to be initiated, and the Good Teacher virtue (normally acquired from the final initiation). Also, the season of instruction must be during the Winter (as the sign of Aquarius begins on the winter solstice).

Initiate of Aquarius: Opening the Mind's Eye
Initiation Ease Factor: 15, Script Bonus: +8 (+3 Minor Ordeal, +3 Mystagogue's Time, +2 Sympathy)

The mystagogue must teach the initiate in a library with at least three books that she has read for at least a season each (this may be in her sanctum, of course; it is not necessary to occupy the covenant library for the entire season). The initiate is forbidden to read or even touch the books during the season of instruction, but the mystagogue is to constantly look at them, draw her pupil's attention to them, and hint subtly at the contents to drive the initiate to boiling curiosity, which will later sublimate into what Plato referred to as being "erotically driven toward the truth." At the end of the season, the mystagogue ritually presents one book of her choice to the Initiate. This Ordeal gives the Minor Personality Flaw Curious, and with a Presence+Cult Lore of 7 or more, grants the Initiate the Minor Virtue Good Book Learner.

Disciple of Aquarius: Following the Path
Initiation Ease Factor: 15, Script Bonus: +8 (+2 Minor Ordeal, +3 Mystagogue's Time, +1 Initiate's Time, +2 Sympathy)

This Initiation is normally performed during the winter after the apprentice is taught to Open the Mind's Eye. At some point in the previous year, the initiate must have spent a season assisting the mystagogue in the lab (Mathematici are likely to substitute simply working as a servant), either as a servant or a lab assistant, and must have read the book that was given to them in the previous Ordeal. This season's education is much less harsh, and teaches the student how to learn from others, initiating the Apt Student Virtue with a Presence+Cult Lore of 7.

Master of Aquarius: Becoming the Waterbearer
Initiation Ease Factor: 15, Script Bonus: +8 (+1 Minor Ordeal, +3 Mystagogue's Time, +1 Initiate's Time, +1 Initiate's Wealth, +2 Sympathy)

To become a Master of Aquarius, a student will ideally return to their master (or another who can teach this script) several years after becoming a Disciple, bringing a summa that they have created from their own resources; ideally, the initiate should have worked to earn enough money to buy the wood, ink and parchment for themselves, but creating the silver to spend is also acceptable. This summa must have taken at least a season to write (satisfying the service requirement) and is given as a gift to the mystagogue. In this winter, with a Presence+Cult Lore of 7, the mystagogue teaches the seeker the mystery of illuminating others, granting the Good Teacher virtue and creating another waterbearer to spread the teachings of Aquarius. The student must also have a Presence+Cult Lore of 7, or the initiation will fail.

First, although it can be inferred from the fact that the Mysteries confer Minor Virtues, it's good form to list the Initiation Ease Factor next to the Script Bonuses for ease of reading.

Second, Mysteries can generally only confer Supernatural or Hermetic Virtues, though this might not be the case in your sagas.

Those are practically just semantics, though. The process and script bonuses were done flawlessly as far as I can tell. A+.

Where does it say that? Per pg. 16 and 120 of Mysteries, that's not the case. The Legion of Mithras initiates regular Virtues such as Strong-Willed and Clear Thinker.


Oops! My memory was confusing Mystery Initiation with the somewhat similar but entirely separate process of granting Virtues to your Hermetic apprentice. Yeah, you're all in the clear on the Hermetic/Supernatural thing.

Yeah. So many mechanics for tying the system into knots and they're all in separate books. :smiling_imp: