My Saga - Subplot

Here is a plot i am creating for our saga, i am posting it here to get advices and help because we are two Game masters on this saga and the other one know the ars magica universe a lot better than me.

I am creating a covenant that was founded on the year 1030. I need it as a long lasting quest for my troup.

[size=150]The one undred years covenant[/size]

The covenant was created in 1030 by three magi with a common goal : to protect the Mythic world from the mundanes.
They thougt that Mundanes would bring the end of the mythic world and wanted to find ways to protect all things magic and faeric from them. This is at best at odds with the hermetic code so they did nor reveal ther objective and created a covenant on a really isolated place in the alps mountains.

Magi of the covenant

Flavius ex Flambeau, Perdo/Corpus specialist
Flavius was the fillus of a powerful Flambeau magi who participated in most of the wars of is time. His parens made it really hard for him to pass his gauntlete because he thought that his apprentice was too weak for battle. Flavius conceived an incredible hate for the people his master fought to protect.

Faunus ex Merinita, Rego/Vim specialist
Faunus is the only son af a fae who got killed by Mundanes.

Alida ex Bonisagus, Mentem specialist
As a bonisagus Alida followed the path of Trianoma, she was more a politician than a lab rat. She foresaw the growing influence of the church and the mundanes, and the desastrous effect it would have for the magic aura and regio. She decided to found a covenant dedicaced to find a solution for this problem.

In the years of the first season the covenant grew in power, they acquired some vis sources, made allies and enemies, and wrote books.

Flavius's Pilgrimage
After a few years in the covenant Flavius left for a pilgrimage in the holy land. He spent about thirty years traveling around the orient in a quest for medical and magical knowledge. There he dicovered a book written by an old unnamed prophet, he had a vision that the world would be brought to his end by the mortals. Flavius was corrupted by the unholy writtings of the crazy prophet as it echoed with is own hatred for the mundanes. Little by little he drifted from protecting the magic world to destroying the mundane one.

Faunus's Aegis
During this period Faunus, with the help of Alida, created the ritual of Aegis that the covenant would be using. One that stays effective as long as the fire in the great hall is burning and that Faunus is alive.

It's at this time that something went wrong in the covenant, Flavius had an accident in his laboratory that led him to twilight for 2 years. When he came back he was a lot different a strange light burnt in his eyes, and his soul had become cold as ice.

The man that never dies
The covenant found a Corpus Vis source in the person of a man cursed to live forever by the fae, by skinning him once every season the covenant could harvest 2 pawns.

Alida's gates of lost memories
By fear of betrayal from the grogs, Alida enchanted the gates of the covenant.Anyone who pass through to leave the valley forget the location in the course of the next week.

In those years Flavius's madness became more and more dangerous, he conducted experiments about deseases in is laboratory using some of the covenant's grogs. Alida and Faunus began to fear him for he had parted with there initial noble objective.

The last treachery of Alida
Alida used an Intellego/Mentem spell to discover what was this big experiment that Flavius was preparing. Horrified by her disovery, she comfounded him in the hope of bringing him back to reason. Enraged Flavius killed her leaving only a pile of bones and rotting flesh.
When Faunus saw what happened to his lover, he attacked Flavius with all is might. The fight was so devastating that the surviving grogs are still afraid of going inside the covenant.In the end Faunus was defeated cursed to death by his sodales. Flavius took everything he could take with him and fled leaving Faunus for dead...

[size=150]The Traveling years[/size]

After the destruction of the covenant Flavius disapaeard for years preparing for is final achievement. He traveled all across europe meeting with numerous covenant under a false name.
During this period the order declared the covenant as lost and the magi were thought dead.

The apprentice
During his travels Flavius met with a young hunchbacked man hated for his diformity, and discoverd that he had the Gift. He trained him as his apprentice to help him in his researches. The young lad was named Simeon and worshipped Flavius as a god. They settled in a deep forest and built a small house with a laboratory.

The Grand Ritual
After years of researches Flavius created a ritual that would unleash a mortal plague affecting mundanes only, killing them all.
And when everything was set he choose a small village to cast his curse...
Unfortunately for him, in the middle of the ritual the apprentice failed him and ran, leaving him alone to handle the terrible forces at work. He was killed in his attempt and the village was wiped off.

[size=150]Present day[/size]

The valley of St Faunus
Seclused in the valley the covenant his hidden from most mundanes and hermetic influence.

The village
The village count about a hundred souls it's ruled by the Coven and the life there is peaceful.
The strangest thing about it is the fact that every woman here looks exactly alike : beautifull with blond hair and green eyes, they may differ in weight or temper but that's all.

The coven of the Sacred Flame
The Coven of the Sacred Flame, is a cult that think that if the flame in the great hall die, Lucifer will break free of hell. They worship St Faunus who in the legend was betrayed by his own brother who killed his wife.
All the woman serve in the Maidens of the Sacred Flame from the moment they bleed to there wedding, they attend to the church of St Faunus, bringing offerings.

St Faunus
Faunus his still very much alive and live alone in his sanctum, a powerful ward protect him from the curse inflicted on him by Flavius but he can't leave the covenant or he will suffer the full effect of it.
He as enchanted the water of the valley so that every woman who drinks it looks like Aidla, and made them his personal harem as the Maidens of the Flame.

The ruined village of Raelon
Now the ruined village is a 5 levels infernal regio where the plague of Flavius and his ghost are traped. Some books and belongings of Flavius can be found in some levels of the Regio, his Laboratory text for the grand ritual is lying near his corpse on the fifth level.

Mundane level : The lost village
Infernal aura : 0
This level looks just like a ruined village, on the center of he place, around the well is a vaguely circular patch of corrupted earth.
There is no trace of any life within the boundaries of the village, except for insects.
No bird ever come here to rest on the walls, the trees are dead and there is no grass.

Level 1 :
Infernal aura : 1

Level 2 :
Infernal aura : 3

Level 3 :
Infernal aura : 5

Level 4 :
Infernal aura : 7

Level 5 :
Infernal aura : 9

The rogue wizard
Simeon, Flavius's apprentice, is unknown of the order, he is hiding in a deep forest, eager to finish his master's work. He is terrified by the village and won't go there at any cost. He possess a small laboratory and some of his master's writing but doesn't have all his arts open as his master only opened the ones usefull to him.


I am using the supplement "More Mythic Places" as a basis for the ultimate demise of Flavius of Flambeau.

For now my players have found the place of death of Flavius, and are beginning to research about him.

The objective is to make my players interested in Flavius, then they will hear about his old covenant. Here they will investigate the terrible events that led to the place's destruction and discover Flavius's ultimate goal.

Looks good :slight_smile:

I only have an issue about the grogs remaining at the covenant. Why would they do that? None of them has left the covenant? The fall of the covenant was a long time ago, so there must be a reason why the grogs remain at the place. Especially getting some supplies will be difficiulot for them (unless the conveant is massive) and they will need to leave the covenant from time to time, right? (a simple password to avoid the PeMe effect of the doors will be enough to justify how they can do it).

Maybe there was a sacred order to keep the big fire burning and they still keep it? LIke a religious brotherhood that thinks that the universe will collapse if the fire runs out or something....

Also, the 3 magi specialities looked to me like a great combo for creating and enslave ghosts: kill them, trap them with Vim and affect them with mentem and vim.

You are up to something here. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:



As an oponent to my players, i am thinking about Flavius's late apprentice who as become a full grown magus. He try to get his hands on the lab text for the plague ritual that killed his parens.

EDIT : added the apprentice and the demise of Flavius and changed the "fire" duration for "until" duration as the target of the fire duration must be the fire.

Note that normal aegis rituals can only have year duration. Any aegis will another duration will be a breakthrough.
That in itself could be a great treasure for your players.

Oh, and if I understood correctly: Bienvenue! :wink:

to The Fixer
It is a breakthrough indeed but not so much : until duration is the same as year duration.

to Xavi
A brotherhood of crazy grog would be quite a nice event :slight_smile:
As for going out i made a 1 week delay to the memory loss of the location. The grogs can go out as long as they come back before a week.

EDIT : I added some stuff and made some cosmetic arangement.

Well that depends on how you look at it... an Aegis of the Heart that will last "until the end of days" or "until there is an hermetic magus alive" seems to me to be quite a breakthrough that would attract a LOT of attention...

to Yan
I was just speaking from a rule point of view. I plan on making it "until this fire dies" so it wont be a problem, you just trade a defect for another :wink:

[size=150]A couple of books written by Flavius[/size]

De putidus [Latin]
Flavius ex Flambeau
A book about the putrefaction of human bodies and how to hermeticaly induce it.
Tractatus Perdo/Corpus Q10 (Perdo 5, Corpus 5)

Perdo, the art of diseases [Arabic]
Flavius ex Flambeau
A book about mundane diseases and how to provoke them.
Tractatus Perdo/Corpus Q12 (Perdo 5, Corpus 3, Medecine 2, Infernal knowledge 2)

Sounds fine!

The Coven of the Sacred Fire sounds like a cool feature for the covenant :slight_smile: You can make the priests be high ranking grogs (whatever that means.... maybe you need a stable-boy to be eligible...) and the leaders of the community. Or the grogs in charge of the draught system :laughing: (after all, dry shit burns well enough, right?)

Will the covenant be very big? I am asking to see if it could be made that the covenant has its own fields, forests et al, so they do not need to cross the gates very often. Like a secluded valley, basically. I played in a failed saga that had a covenant just like that, and we all loved the covenant proper, even if the saga did not evolve well.



I updated the "present day" part of the text, and i am preparing a full stat block with background, books and spells for Faunus of Merinita.

to Xavi
Great idea the valley, added it already :slight_smile:

EDIT : some more information about Faunus and the Sacred Flame.

ok, sorry for double posting.

I worked a lot on this subplot, it is now a 5 pages long frame for research and adventure.

The only problem is that it's in french :slight_smile:

Is there any french speaking ars player here that would be kind enough to read it and give me is opinion ?

When i am done i may translate it in english if the motivation is here and people are interested.

Hey, i'm interested. Mail me !

Tu peux m'envoyer un mail :wink: sithmailbox-ulb AT yahoo DOT fr :wink:

I'll send you this in the evening (i am working right now).

Thanks a lot.