Just a question. I recently got Mystery Cults (and I love it, as I mentioned in another post), but I'm not sure on what the Mystagogue is. Now, I havn't read the entire book, and this might be covered in The Mysteries Revised (when is that due, anyway?). So am I correct in that the Mystagogue is a higher ranking magi in the mystery, who's helping the initiate to learn the mysteries?


  • Mystagogue is the teacher, the leader of the Initation rite
  • Initiate is the pupil who is drawn further into the Cult, and in this case also acquires a new Virtue as a reward

Nearly always the Mystagogue is indeed a higher-ranked magus in the cult, one who already possess the Virtue - but it need not be so. In the extreme case, it can be the same person as the Initiate (self-Initiation) where they must also struggle against the Mystagogue not knowing the Virtue.... but that is, for instance, a way in which new Initiations can be developed.