Mysteries for Non-Hermetic Traditions

So, I have a family of Viktir in my game (that my players have seen and interacted with more than once, but have yet to put the pieces together on), and I was considering something. I know that Hermetic mages can Integrate stuff from other traditions (like the Rune Duration), and I know it works the other way too (Cradle and the Crescent had examples for Sahirs learning Spontaneous Magic). My question then is thus, would it be reasonable for the Viktir to make a research agreement (so to speak) with the Hermetic magi in the coven, providing they join House Ex Misc (or remain out of sight)? And if so, do you guys have any suggestions as to what the Viktir could integrate into their Rune Magic?

Personally, I've been thinking about Spontaneous Rune Magic (Major), or designing scripts for certain people (Minor), so they only get 1 Warping Point a year, but what are some other alternatives (and what difficulty would you suggest for them)?

(P.S. I feel kinda bad for starting so many short-answer threads. Is this par for the course here, or should I dial back the posting to topics that have a bigger than 1 sentence answer?)

I think making a Formulaic spell equivalent would be more likely than Spontaneous magic, but that is just me.

As far as the legality of the is debatable. As with all political matters it depends on the people involved and their relationships. Having them join Ex Misc would work for a while but some would argue that they are infiltrators for the Order of Odin. I don't think it would stand up at tribunal but it would dangle as a sword overhead. Plus, Wizard wars by these accusers are still legal.

And as for making too many threads, don't worry about it. It's ok

Don't the Viktir already have Formulaic Magic (in the form of the scripts? They learn them, they have consistent and repeatable effects, and usually above 0 Penetration)?

Yeah, the Wizards Wars I can are probably going to be brutal (the oldest magus at the covenant is 53, and the oldest maga is 105, so they're going to have some FUN TIMES), but that's the point, really. I'm going to drill home the point that if they try this, things are going to get pear-shaped fast, but I want a reason for the Viktir to want to agree, as while he's not unreasonable, he isn't going to trust a random Hermetic Magus (who he knows went around spreading propaganda about his people) who asks for his help. So that's the idea behind this.

Thanks. Kinda new here, so didn't know the etiquette (+5XP Etiquette I guess?)

Well, the rules in HMRE explicitly allow a tradition to engage in magical experimentation so long as it possesses an MT-analogue. I would suggest that Craft Runes qualifies so the vitkar are probably in the clear.

As far as potential integrations, Spontaneous Magic is certainly one option. Something to increase the range of scripts without requiring ACs would also be useful as the rune wizards are somewhat lacking in that area as well.

"Rune Magic" is actually the vitkir's Magic Theory skill. So yes they can experiment and innovate. (And you can integrate Hermetic abilities into Rune Magic using Hermetic Magic Theory, too.) And yes, the Vitkir have Formulaic Magic already, so developing the ability to create Spontaneous rune scripts on the fly would indeed be a possible integration. Also, a Minor Breakthrough might allow the use of vis for accelerated changes (instant full healing in other words). Alternatively, Flexible Rune Scripts is a possible integration (Minor) if one of the magi in your covenant has that virtue.

Among Rival Magics, only the Amazons have a Theory (Amazonian Spellcraft), but among Hedge Magics, the only tradition that clearly counts as "theoretically naive" is Elementalism, which is clearly a mess of semirelated traditions rather than a tradition in itself. Learned Magic appears to be kind of questionable, though, because Artes Liberales stands in for Magic Theory for them. And as in all things, Solomonic Magic is weird; they don't have a Theory, but they're actually better at innovating and integrating than Hermetic magic is!