Mysteries Question : Astrological Cyclic Magic

Astrological Cyclic Magic page 36 TMRe.
Can you take this Virtue 3x and add the bonus for each?
(the core rules for Cyclic Magic on page 41 , require ST approval ,
but otherwise it merely has to be a regular cycle)

Cyclic Magic (Male or Female) gives a +03 bonus
Cyclic Magic (Cardinal or Fixed or Mutable) gives a +05 bonus
Cyclic Magic (Single Element) gives a +06 bonus

So if i took :
Cyclic Magic (Female)
Cyclic Magic (Mutable)
Cyclic Magic (Earth)

+00 - Aries (cardinal, fire, Male):
+09 - Taurus (fixed, earth, Female): +06 +03
+05 - Gemini (mutable, air, Male): +05
+03 - Cancer (cardinal, water, Female): +03
+00 - Leo (fixed, fire, Male):
+14 - Virgo (mutable, earth, Female): +05 +06 +03
+00 - Libra (cardinal, air, Male):
+03 - Scorpio (fixed, water, Female): +03
+05 - Sagittarius (mutable, fire, Male): +05
+09 - Capricorn (cardinal, earth, Female): +06 +03
+00 - Aquarius (fixed, air, Male):
+08 - Pisces (mutable, water, Female): +05 +03

None of the cyclic periods cover a season , so the bonus will not add to Lab Totals.

As a SG I would hate this. It requires you to know exactly the time of day/month/season for each damn spellcasting situation. So I would not allow it because of the mechanical complications it would cause.

I cannot see why you can't, though.



Make the player do all the work.
Keep a calendar handy , the dates for all Astrological signs are well known.

Calendar Pages from The Saga of Saxum Caribetum.