Mystery Cult Apollon

So this is what I have so far. It is cut down and refined to not contain too much extraneous information. In a story setting it will be much more involved and require roelplaying and such.

I submit it for those helpful eyes which always catch my failings.

Revival of the Cult of Apollon

A break down of the steps taken in the Hermetic mystery cult dedicated to reviving the worship of Apollon in the Theban Tribunal

  1. The Roe Deer - The first level of initiation instructs the new worshipper on how to maintain motionless and dignity during the ceremonial worship of Apollon. It grants the new virtue Subtle Magic and requires both a Quest to seek out a unique name or title of Apollon, as well as an Ordeal of swearing a oath before the god, giving the initiate the new flaw Duty Bound. This also grants a -3 to the next Initiation level. In addition to the Ordeal and Quest, the initiate must gain the Mastery ability, Subtle Magic, and write a tractatus on the Mastery ability donating it to the Cult library.
  • Virtue Subtle Magic - minor, Hermetic

  • Script bonus +9

    • +3 Quest to find a unique name of Apollon, which will be added to the songs and prayers of the Cult
    • +3 Ordeal , the initiate upon completing the Quest, swears upon the new name of Apollon and gains the Flaw Duty Bound (counts for next level as a -3 prior Ordeal)
    • +2 Seeking out a place of serenity and calm, the initiate spends a season surrounded by wild Roe Deer, learning to cast spells without disturbing the timid animal. They must Master a spell, to gain the Mastery ability Subtle Magic
    • +1 Upon Mastering the spell, the initiate then writes a tractatus on Mastery, which is added to the Cult library
  • Ordeal bonus - 0

  1. The Cicala - The second level of the cult is about the harmony of casting spells through song, in prayer to Apollon, honoring the ancient Hyperborean rituals. The initiate learns to cast magic using Sorcerous Music, a feature of Performance magic, and gains as well the new Duration Performance. The initiate learns to weave spells only using the sound of their voice in song. The Ordeal required of the cult follower is dramatic indeed, giving the magician the Major flaw Necessary Condition, Singing Spells. Once the initiate has come to understand the basic tenants of Performance magic, they must spend a season Mastering a spell to gain the Mastery ability Ceremonial Casting.
  • Virtue Performance Magic (Sorcerous Music) - minor, Hermetic

  • Script bonus +12

    • +9 Ordeal, the initiate forever changes their casting of magic by taking the Major Hermetic flaw Necessary Condition, forever after having to sing their spells in the manner of the Hyperboreans of legend
    • +2 Once again the initiate seeks out a aspect of Apollon, the singing cicada, and learns to Master a spell, gaining the Mastery ability Ceremonial Casting
    • +1 The initiate pens their experience creating a tractatus for Spell Master Ability Ceremonial Casting, which is given to the library of the Cult
  • Ordeal bonus - 3 from Roe Deer initiation

  1. The Python - The third level tests the ingenuity, resolve, and mystical dedication of the initiate. They are instructed to find the Basilica of Ten Thousand Columns and once there, petition the wraiths that remain within the crumbling temple. These spirits are all that remain of Hyperborean priests that once worshipped Apollon. They haunt the Basilica, angry and vengeful; it will require a demonstration of true allegiance to Apollon for the ghostly priest to help the initiate. If they agree, the wraithly priests assist the initiate in destroying their old Talisman and replacing it with a new form of Hermetic magic. With the greater might of the Greater Talisman comes the mystical demand for the power, causing the initiate to suffer the minor Hermetic flaw Deleterious Circumstances, when not touching their Talisman.
  • Virtue Greater Talisman - minor, Hermetic

  • Script bonus +11

    • +3 Quest to seek out the Basilica and to entreat the ghostly priests to teach the initiate how to create the Greater Talisman
    • +5 The initiate must carry out the personal destruction of their old Talisman, as they form the bounds of their new Greater Talisman
    • +3 Ordeal, the magic involved with making the Talisman twists the Gift of the initiate causing them to suffer the minor, Hermetic flaw Deleterious Circumstances, when not touching their Talisman
  • Ordeal bonus - 9 from the Cicala initiation

  1. The Wolf - The fourth level of the Cult of Apollon, is a gauntlet which the initiate must be certain they can pass, for they face mortal peril if their faith wavers in the slightest. The test is intended to separate out those who lack the most sincere faith in Apollon from the priesthood of the Cult. This challenge takes them to the wandering island of Delos. After making the necessary political preparations for journeying to the heart of the Theban Tribunal, the initiate must then seek out the three Nymphs that reside on Delos. The Nymphs are the guardians of the shrines on Delos, and are Hyperboreans themselves, worshipping in the temple of Apollon. Upon gaining their attention, the initiate must convince the Nymphs that they are worthy of visiting the shrine and of worshipping the Lord of Light. If the initiate proves worthy, they spend a season in worship led by the Nymphs, at the end of which they are gifted with a "perfect" animal.
  • Virtue Hermetic Sacrifice - minor, Hermetic

  • Script bonus +12

    • +3 Quest, make preparations and travel to Delos, seeking out the favor of the Hyperborean Nymphs of Apollon, failure to demonstrate true faithfulness is cause for near certain death at the hands of the Nymphs
    • +9 Ordeal, once the initiate has earned the approval of the Nymphs, they are led off into a higher regio which contains a pristine, ancient temple to Apollon wherein for a season, the Hyperborean Nymph priestess lead the initiate through songs and prayers to the god of Light, at the end of which the initiate gains the Major Personality flaw Pious
  • Ordeal bonus - 6 from the Cicala initiation

  1. The Crow - The fifth level of initiation is a intimate collaboration between the initiate priest of Apollon and the superior Mystagogue. A season is spent in ritual cleansing and meditation preparing the initiate for the ceremony to follow. During this time the initiate must not engage in eating of rich foods or sex or commit acts considered dishonorable by Apollon, instead the acolyte is expected to spend the time fasting and in devoted prayer to the Lord of Light. Once the initiate is prepared, the Mystagogue spends a season leading them through songs and prayers, making offerings to Apollon and practicing ceremonies honoring the god. During this time the initiate once again undergoes a mystical transformation of the their spirit and the physical extension of their magical ability, their Talisman. They gain the Major, Hermetic virtue Consummate Talisman, which entwines their Talisman with their magical ability to the point they gain the Major, Hermetic flaw Necessary Condition, reflecting the absolute need to be possessing their Talisman for them to cast magic.
  • Virtue Consummate Talisman - Major, Hermetic

  • Script bonus +11

    • +6 Ordeal, converting the minor, Hermetic flaw Deleterious Condition to the Major, Hermetic flaw Necessary Condition
    • +3 Mystagogue leads the initiate in a season of meditation and worship and transformation of the initiates magical nature
    • +2 Surrounding themselves with worshippers in a temple of Apollon, performing rituals and sacrifices to honor the god
  • Ordeal bonus -9 from the Wolf initiation