Mystery Cult: More than one virtue at once?


Is there any option that you initiate 2 or 3 Minor Virtue instead of 1 Major?

Or can you just batch togather 2 or 3 Virtues as a new Major Virtue (w/ the SG's approval)?
Ex: Cyclic Magic (Night) + Second Sight and See in darkness + mMF: Darkness as one Major Virtue (Childe of the Night) ?

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The only Mystery Cult that seems to use this is House Criamon and there don’t seem to be any special rules changes for it, three minor virtu-ish effects bundled equals a major virtue.


Anything is valid with the SG approval!

If they were three random minor virtues I would definitively frown to it. If they are linked together into something that conceptually holds (and sounds cool), Childe of the Night would be a Major Virtue.