Mystery Ordeals where you already have the flaw

I've been looking at getting my Merinita maga an initiation, and I hit an issue I'd never considered before. What happens if the initiation script used contains an Ordeal giving a flaw my maga already has?

In this case it's not quite hypothetical - I'm planning on going for Spell Timing, and the sample initiation script gives Harmless Magic which my character already has...

I can see a couple of ways that can go.

1: The script works but it doesn't give the bonus for flaws you already have, possibly making the initiation fail.

2: The script simply doesn't work, and if I find a mystagogue with this script I'll just have to look for another.

3: It works fine despite the overlap (ideal, but unlikely).

4: Metagame-wise, the SG alters the script so this doesn't happen. Works, but is clunky - especially if multiple characters want the same initiation.

But I'm wondering what the intent is, and how it should resolve.

Normally in that case, it is the Mystagogue to adapt the Initiation Script to the Initiate by Modifying the Inititation Script (TMRE p.17f).
Nice SGs might have an already modified Script at hand - especially if the need of the Initiate is typical and might already have occurred with another one.


Ah, I see one shot made the points I was going to make much more simply.

What I was going to say is - The sample script is only a sample, even if it may be the most easily available script.

I would interpret the rules as written as 1 - if you don't gain the flaw, you don't get the script bonus and it might fail. ( 3 could come into play if the SG rules that having the exact right flaw for the script already gives you a massive sympathy bonus, but this is unlikely to be as big as the ordeal bonus)

If you have a mystagogue taking you through the process, they should check the script is viable for you before using, and then use the rules to try and vary the script if they know it won't work for you (yes, you are at the mercy of NPC dice rolls here). If they are reasonable, they will tell you of the risks before varying it - if they are not, you may get messed up being used as a test subject for a new variation on an old script. This covers many possibilities, and allows the SG control and negotiation over what script adjustments are reasonable.

If you have found a script and want to self-initiate, your SG should allow you to make an Int + Mystery Cult lore roll to check the script wording, so you realise if you already have flaws gained, or the specific place mentioned in the script no longer exists, or the quest mentioned is impossible (needing an extinct plant). You can then attempt to use the rules on varying a script yourself.

Thank you :slight_smile: