Myth and Legacy


Most of the magi are off on their Drake Hunt Expedition. Solomon and Arachne remain at the covenant. Also present are Xalbador and his daughter Kesara.
And at this moment, Xalbador seeks a private word with Solomon.

Solomon looks up from the book he was studying in the library, "Of course Sodales, how may I help you?"

I have come to talk to you about my daughter. I am headed for Transylvania to aid my old friend Octavian. The mission at hand is too dangerous for her to accompany me. Octavian suspects that the Flaming Shadows were not utterly eradicated, and we are investigating rumors that Rassus is alive and active in Novgorod.
So I wish for Kesara to remain here and study. I already spoke with you and the rest of the council about this, but I come asking a personal favor from you.
Be her mentor.
You are a man of God, I trust you and have faith in your faith.
Her early tutalage was ecclesiastical. It would make me proud if she were to continue such enlightened studies. She is a child of Light and destiny, and I fear there may be forces that seek to extinguish her luminence.
I suspect no imminent danger, but I can not protect her forever. She is a woman now, a maga. All I can do is steer her towards the right path. Equip her with the armor of God, the shield of Faith and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
And be mindful of the Lumina prophecy.
She is Seventh in the lineage of Flambeau, Reculed himself, through his apprentice Delendos and down the line to include myself. Her destiny is to bring the Light of Wisdom to the Order, unless the Shadows of Ignorance drag her down.

[spoiler]The Historic Lineage of Flambeau: Flambeau, Elaine, Delendos, Julius, Vancasitum, Isabeau, Xalbador, Kesara
The Apocryphal Lineage: Flambeau, Delendos, Elaine, Julius, Vancasitum, Isabeau, Xalbador, Kesara[/spoiler]

Solomon doesn't respond immediately, his silence an indicator of the consideration he gives to the request as he closes his eyes and seeks spiritual guidance. After a moment, he looks up to Xalbador and offers a warm smile, "Though I am not the most skilled magus at this covenant, I would be honored to serve as your daughter's spiritual mentor. I will ensure that she knows God's word and arms herself with faith in the Divine. And I will keep her safe from the clutches of the Adversary."

OOC: Would Solomon know of the Lumina Prophecy beyond what he mentioned? His player is definitely clueless.

You know little or nothing of it. It is Flambeau Apocrypha. You may ask Xalbador about it, but otherwise he does not elaborate.
Spiritual guidence is exactly what I am hoping for. I trained her well, and in matters of violence, she would be the one that protects you :laughing:. But the devil is more subtle and crafty than that. Your strength is your wisdom. That is what I pray you can impart to her.
Do this favor for me, and I will insure that you are aptly rewarded.

"I will do my best Sodales. And no reward is necessary for guiding your daughter along the path of the Lord. That she follows the path will be reward enough."

Xabador smiles
Nevertheless, you shall be compensated. I have already put provisions in place, and all will be made revealed in due time.

Solomon nods, "Then I thank you Sodales. Is your daughter aware that you are asking this of me?"

She will be made aware :slight_smile:

"Then I look forward to guiding her down the path. When do you intend to leave Sodales?"

Right after I introduce you. Come, she is out in the yard practicing her Mastery of Wizard's Leap.
Out in the yard, Kesara is engaged in a drill of her own design. five grogs stand in a circle around her, 20 paces diameter, and they try to hit her with rotten fruits they throw. She has to Fast Cast Wizard's Leap to avoid it She has been splatted once or twice, but each of the grogs have been splotted in the crossfire (she gets extra points for that in her mind).
Her father calls her name and she stops the exercise, then Leaps on over.
Kesara, this is my friend Soloman. I want you to watch out for him while I am gone. :smiley:

Solomon leans heavily on his staff as he offers the young maga a friendly smile, "Kesara, it is my pleasure to meet you."

Kesara smiles & curtsies.
Pleasure to meet you frater. I am normally more talkative, but as Karandos would say, reality has been on the blink lately :slight_smile:
Reference to the fack that the forums have been sketchy as of late.
But anyway, Kesara exhudes warmth and sunshine, figurativly and literally. The world just seems a brighter and happier place whenever she is nearby.

Solomon smiles warmly, his demeanor calm and gentle, "It gives me hope to see one of such youthful vibrancy and skill here to help the covenant regain its former glory. I will do what I can to help you down your path."