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Hey all, got some questions around using the Tuareg as potential grogs and covenfolk. So basically, Heru in his journeys in Africa made his way from Siwa down the Garamantian Road to Djanet and then, while traveling near the Ahaggan Mountains was beset by warriors from a number of tribes of the Tuareg. By this point, due to his sheer amount of magical capability, I have him basically defeating them - though my plan is to have him knock the warriors unconscious while stunning the chiefs who were involved. In the aftermath he basically seeks to negotiate with them. Due to him growing up in the Greater Alps and now living in the Roman Tribunal I figure he wears purple robes, especially in the desert so that might help. As would the fact that he has the Alluring to Magic Beings virtue (which effects those with Magic based abilities, like the Tuareg) and the whole Golden Cord thing from his modified Familiar Virtue which also provides bonuses.

Anyway, now that he has the potential for them to basically listen I dont' know what to do. The book itself doesn't really have much in terms of story seeds for befriending them (for all that it is MARVELOUS and AWESOME in pretty much every other way) or getting them into a servile though respected position with him. I do know that Tamanghest will be a base for him, not a covenant so much but a base, due to the influx of Magic auras and regios that blanket the region.

But yeah, I don't entirely know what would be the most fun, interesting, entertaining, but also logical based on who the Taureg are as a people way to go about this, so any help or thoughts or whatnot would be appreciated.

PS. The main covenant site in Africa is gonna be in Mogador because I like the idea of a Roman villa in a regio with people who continued their lives as if nothing changed for all that they know that history continues and that the Empire fell and have even traded with others. I also plan on having a Mercere House be built in Rabat, it he fort that is basically an abandoned ruin at this point.

Oooh, as a second PS, though this might be something I make another thread off later on. But I am looking into the idea that by studing the Insights gained from both the magic of Egyptian pyramid wards and the boundary magic of the Garamntian ruins that Heru might create a breakthrough that allows for something like making it so outsiders think a place so warded is ruined and abandoned and creepy and so they want to go away. Such an effect might have a Penetration of either zero or one and so wouldn't effect the Gifted at all.

(Basically, I really think effects like how Hogwarts seems old and abandoned and falling apart to mundanes should exist in Ars Magica. As long as the Gifted can easily ignore it I see nothing about it as game breaking and everything about it as fun.)

If you're interested in the Garamants, you should probably check out Sub Rose issue 14, which has stuff about them. They also had a free supplement about the Garamantian Kings, though I'm not sure if that went with the website (Sub Rosa is now based off a Facebook group, unfortunately).

Point of information - The Garamantes Kings extra material is largely fictional, as the author pointed out the scarcity of good source material and so they invented a cool idea.

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I was familiar with the Sub Rosa bonus material when I wrote the section in Between Sand & Sea, and worked to make sure I didn't hit the same notes.

That said, it's really cool to see this book getting a public workout. :smiley:

Thanks for that, @Heru_Kane! :smiley:


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Okay, I have to ask about the free supplement. I obviously missed it, so is there still a link?

The Garamantian supplement is usually one we give out with folks who pick up a big order, or if we're doing something special, but I don't have a public link for it. :slight_smile: Drop me a note if you're interested.


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Nice, wasn't aware of that. It's good to see it's still around. :slight_smile:

Regarding Between Sand & Sea, one of our saga's main thread revolves around the conflict between a wizard of the Order of Suleyman based off current-day southeastern Libia and the garamantian mummy of Tamen-Set, so this book will be seeing increasing use as the saga progresses. I've extensively read it and I must say I'm throughly in love with the book!!

TL;DR: love Between Sand & Sea!

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Rereading my copy of Sub Rosa 14; can't find the Garamants. Please help with the page number.
It is the February 2014 issue right? Demographics of the Order, Mythic Bloodlines, 3 Good Men of Bréifene, The First Lineage

I honestly can't find the article about Garama in Sub Rosa, besides the aforementioned freebie from October 2009.

I think I might have misplaced a reference in my notes, since issue 14 has the Demographics of the Order article, and that one has been a cornerstone for me ever since. So it seems I just wrongly put a reference to issue 14 in my documents' garamantian section, a reference which belonged elsewhere.

I think the only garamantian material in Sub Rosa is thus the freebie, sorry for the confusion. My apologies.

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