Mythic Blood & Fatigue Clarification

Mythic Blood is confusing me.

"... you do not lose Fatigue levels if your Casting Total falls short of the level of a formulaic spell by less than ten points, although you do lose Fatigue if the spell fails completely."

OK, so if the magus needs a 20 and roll an 11, spell goes off and loses no Fatigue. Need a 10, spell always casts with no Fatigue. Need a 25, roll 12, fail and lose Fatigue.

"You must expend Fatigue normally to cast spontaneous magic, and if you fail to cast a formulaic spell you lose the normal number of Fatigue levels."

Is that second quote supposed to all be about spontaneous magic, or is it just repeating the earlier point about failing to cast, or is the text contradicting itself?

The second quote, the part that you emphasized is referring to formulaic spells.

For spontaneous spells where you expend fatigue to divide by two, you lose the fatigue whether the spell was successful or not.

I think it's a repeat for emphasis.

I assume it is just unnecessary repetition of the first rules statement. it says exactly the same (if you fail to cast it by more than 10 pts, you lose fatigue and the spell doe snot go off). You only can only lose fatigue casting spont magic on purpose. You may fail to cast a spell with spont magic, but in that case you do not lose fatigue if you had not decided to spend fatigue in the first place, so it makes no sense for that to apply to spontaneous magic.

Thanks, all.