Mythic Blood is a Magic Blood combo?


The forums report they are under heavy load and won't let me search them. This has almost certainly been addressed before, but I have only recently read RoP:M so it is new to me.
I have to apologise to everybody when I mistook comments saying Magic Blood for Mythic Blood.

After reading RoP:M, I now realise that Mythic Blood is effectively a combination of the virtues Magic Blood, Personal Power, Withstand Casting (from TMRE), a minor magical focus, along with a minor personality Flaw.

Does anyone know if Mythic Blood is expected to be deprecated?

I just assume you talk about the (RoP:M p.46) Minor Supernatural Virtue Magical Blood, but I cannot be sure.

Anyway, by comparing the texts you can find that (ArM5 p.47) Mythic Blood does not imply Magical Blood.

EDIT: As usual, it helps during character design to know alternatives. You appear to describe an alternative way to get the interesting features of Mythic Blood from Minor Virtues, by aligning that character more strongly and visibly to the Magic realm. Which way to take depends on the character concept. But there is no reason to deprecate Mythic Blood, and tmk this was never done.

Whilst there is some overlap (e.g. the Focus) I don't think the combination matches up with Mythic Blood all that well:

  • There's not actually much overlap between Magical Blood and Mythic Blood, over than the implied "you have an ancestor who was significantly magical". Magical Blood makes you look weird, givings you a bonus to aging rolls and gives you one of four other options, only one of which (Magic Thing) vaguely resembles something you get from Mythic Blood (the power).
  • Personal Power has restrictions that the power you get from Mythic Blood doesn't. Lesser Power is slightly closer, but it still fatigues you in a way the Mythic Blood power doesn't, and is limited to level 25 rather than 30.
  • Withstand Casting still has a minimum fatigue level loss of 1, whereas Mythic Blood reduces fatigue to nil if you're within 10 levels of the spell level.
  • Mythic Blood also enables you to take Heroic virtues, which I don't think any of your suggested components do.

Indeed I was. I had assumed all my mentions of RoP:M were sufficient.
OTOH you phrased it is such a way that a Virtue called Magical Blood might be defined (differently) in another book. If it is, I am unaware of it.

I should have also mentioned that my question was also predilicted from the Major Hermetic virtue Hyperborean Descent from "Ancient Magic" p122, which is described as a variation of Mythic Blood. I was under the impression that "Ancient Magic" was written after RoP:M, so this is where the deprecated idea was sown.

I overlooked this.

Your 'Magic Blood' could have come from a private translation or summary of rules, or could have even been a house rule. I guessed that it was (RoP:M p.46) Magical Blood from the context, but could not be sure.

AM was first printed January 2007, RoP:M in 2008.

Putting an explicit variant of a Virtue into a new Ars Magica book does not deprecate this Virtue: quite to the contrary, it references and confirms it.

Marking a rule as deprecated in ArM5 should be done by errataing it. Certainly no reader can be bothered to sift through 40+ books - :sweat: - to find out, whether a rule in the core book is overridden.