Mythic Blood of Davnalleus?

I am just idly considering a few story ideas, when I was hit with a bolt from the blue.

Basically the PCs covenant of London Bridge, in order to acquire some unaligned votes in Tribunal with regards to some iffy actions they had performed, blindly agreed to foster/house in sufficient luxury and library access some yet to be announced individuals, presumed to be either apprentices or ailing parens, sometime in the future. One of the players even thought these individuals might act as hostages towards future votes.

What I need to know is what information does the Order of Hermes know about Davnalleus/Damhan-Allaidh? 5th Ed preferably.
Especially his appearance and magical proclivities.

And speaking of magical proclivities, what would the Mythic Blood of Davnalleus likely give to a Hermetic Apprentice?

They know he had blood oriented magic, that they think he was infernally-oriented and that he was a skilled politician, since he managed to hold together a faerie-giant.-magical user coalition for several years of battle against the OoH.

Most magicians will not know more than that. By 1220 Davnalleus is a figure of legend. The magi IMS tend to know more about it, because he is regulñarly voted with a cheer to be the Big Bad Opponent of the saga. We love him as a bad guy :slight_smile: We do not use it as it is in 5th edition (Damhan-Druidsan) but as it used top be in 3rd edition: a powerful gruagachan with other abilities thrown in. We allowed him to transfer warpi9ng points to other recipients so that he can keep coming back for good. We like him like that even if we agree that the 5th edition version might be more sensible. We do not like demon wortshipers and the Infernal being so blatant in our sagas.

Mythic blood: major focus in shapeshifting or the Hex ability. Minor "hate" or "disrespect for authority" or "rebellious" mental flaw. the ability to use several auras a a "home" aura (read: chrtonic magic) also works well. In our saga Davnalleus is a Chtonian :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always suspected that Chthonic Magic was a given for Davnalleus.

But isn't Mythic Blood only supposed to give you a Minor Magical Focus? Like self-transformation. And how do you suggest Hex is supposed to work as the innate power?

As for the inherited personality Flaw, I could see Ambition. After all it could be argued that Davnalleus was trying to build a better, bigger, badder coalition/army of wizards than the Order of Hermes.
Likewise Pride :slight_smile:

I just checked the 5th Ed book, and where is gives the example of "self-transformation" as a Minor Magical Focus, it sys it covers Corpus and Mentum.

What sort of Mentum self-transformations are there?

Increase of mental stats?
"Gift of reason" type spells?
Hiding away memories you don't want snooping Quesitori to find?

Turn your mind into an object and hide it somehwere else. (immune to mentem magics that are not arcane connection range!). Transform your mind into a bird to snoop around (IIRC there is a canon spell that does that). Transform your mind into a weapon (mental rays anyone) or shield it from intrusion (bonus to resist mentem). Build a better memory palace. Make your mind a treacherous place to explore.