Mythic Blood Question

I'm creating a new magus character and I want him to have the Mythic Blood virtue. His lineage is to the Gaulish diety Beleros, a god of light, fire, and healing. But I'm a bit unclear as to the creation of the special magic feat provided by the virtue.

Must the magic feat follow hermetic guidelines? Can I, for instance, give him the magic feat of healing light wounds? Would this magic feat require vis or can it be used without vis as it is non-hermetic in nature?


Tricky question... The virtue doesn't actually require the effect to be non-ritual... It would certainly not require vis... And the way the virtue is described you should be able to heal heavy wounds at an insane rate...

A very good question. First of all you have to at least design at a Hermetic effect - so it's really a question of interpretation and house ruling too. In terms of design it must at least signify that the effect and R/D/T and penetration has to be in line with the guidelines. Whether this also require it to be within the Limits is not explicitly clear. I would probably think that it was intended to, but I'll admit that you could easily judge it differently.

Basically you and your troupe yourselves need to find out whether it should be within the limits of Hermetic magic or not; and if not you need to find out what generel limits there might be on magic in generel. But most of all you need to find out what whatever effect you allow (if you go beyond the normal Limits) will have on the gameplay.

As a sidenote, as 5th edition often portray pagan gods as aligned with the Faeries it might be worthwhile to look for inspiration there. It might be usable to use non-standard R/D/T and it would also give that sense of being apart from regular spells and being truely mythical.

It wouldn't?

The way it is described?

I read the virtue very differently. First of all I don't think it is that clear. And when faced with unclarity I tend to lean toward the generel trend of the RAW - namely being conservative against easy healing.

Mythic Blood (page 47) ,
suggests that the magic feat be designed as a Hermetic effect.
The (Tech. + Form) total cannot be higher than 30.

Intervention , page 52 in RoP:TD
allows for non-Vis healing ,
but the base guidelines are 04 magnitudes higher than the CrCo ones.
Heal a Light wound is Base 15 in CrCo
but a non-Ritual , non-Vis Intervention is Base 35.

You could consider allowing Healing by the character
by expending Long-Term Fatigue levels
equivalent to the Wound level being Healed.
(Add the extra fatigue level for casting a Ritual effect also)

The character would be able to heal up to Heavy Wounds on other people.
(Base 25 / +01 Touch)
You could still make this Mythic effect a Ritual (time-wise) , so there is no instant healing.
(this is counter to the fast-cast mastered formulaic time suggested for the feat)

Withstand Casting , page 36 in TMRE
Minor , Hermetic

If this Virtue was taken 05 times ,
and allowed to be combined with the proposed Mythic Blood effect ,
The PC could heal a Heavy Wound at the cost of 01 Long-Term Fatigue level.
As this chews up 08 Virtue Points , it would be a significant price for a character.

There is a Major Virtue called Crafter's Healing on page 71 in City & Guild.
This may be useful in designing the Mythic Blood feat for the character.