Mythic Blood Question

I tried a forum search and errata check first, but didn't find anything.

So here's the question - What happens if the "special magical feat" granted by the virtue Mythic Blood chosen by a magus qualifies as a Ritual? The virtue's text says you can invoke/cancel it at will as often as you like and that invoking it takes as long as a fast cast Formulaic spell. But there's no mention of whether vis is required or not - the "at will" part leaves that open to debate and Ritual effects aren't specifically excluded, either. The level + Penetration limit of 30 prevents a lot of potential insanity, but there's still plenty of room for players to make a hash of things...

Mythic Blood (Midas) with Touch of Midas as the feat sounds plausible, for example, despite the potential for abuse/disaster if no vis is needed.

A level 20 Aegis of the Hearth with 10 Penetration doesn't sound like the best defense, but it's better than no Aegis.

Is there something in the RAW I missed that would clarify this issue? Has this come up before and what were people's rulings/consensus?

I'd simply not allow vis to be used in conjunction with a blood feat as a general rule.

That's all well and good, but if the power is similar to the RoP:Magic concept of ritual powers, vis isn't needed, so...

But, the key language is that the effect "should be designed as a Hermetic effect." And Hermetic effects using Creo are not permanent unless vis is involved. Then there is the time of working the feat, which is that of a formulaic spell, and so that would lead me to think that ritual effects are n't possible with the spell.
This virtue also existed prior to RoP:Magic, so my guess is that it was a foregone conclusion that one would pick only formulaic spells, not rituals.